Review: Maybe Matt's Miracle by Tammy Falkner (Reed Brothers #4)

Matthew Reed doesn't take anything for granted. He has four brothers who would do absolutely anything for him and vice-versa. He's in remission and his new lease on life has made him appreciate each day that's given to him, wanting him to make the most of everything that comes his way. The only things that could possibly make his life feel more complete is to have what two of his brothers have--a woman share his days and nights with. He knows the chances of him of ever having children of his own are slim, but when he meets Skylar Morgan, he sees that there's more than one way to have a family.

Sky Morgan's decision to take care of her late half-sister's children wasn't an easy one to make and she can't help but question her abilities to give them what they need. She's never had the kind of home life that could have better prepared her to become a parent, not with a mother who didn't seem to care about her and a father who loved his mistress and his child with her more than he did his first family. She unexpectedly receives the assistance and support of Matt Reed, a man who's love and courage makes her want to believe in miracles and to take more chances on this new life she has.

Maybe Matt's Miracle is the fourth full-length novel and the seventh release in the Reed Brothers series from Tammy Falkner. Let me just put this out there: this was my favorite book in the series (and by the time I'm writing this review, I'm already on the eighth full-length and most recently released one). Matt is the one Reed I was always curious about. He stood out immediately in the first book because of his battle with cancer but then he became more than the guy waiting to die. He was quiet and mysterious and loved his brothers immensely and his affection for the women his brothers would fall in love with, especially his kinship with Logan's wife Emily made him even more endearing. For him to finally get his love story, and one that was so darn heartwarming AND heartrending, was most definitely worth waiting for.

Matt and Sky's love story is one that teaches you that contentment can sometimes be the perfect breeding ground for miracles to happen. Matt was happy and content with his lot in life after he went into remission and everything else that came along were simply blessings upon blessings. Even when he was still sick, Matt always put everyone first and never asked for special treatment simply because he was a cancer patient. Sky was willing to do whatever was necessary for her to take care of her sister's three children but never saw herself as some sort of savior. If anything, those kids (and Matt) were the ones who enriched a life that was already acceptable in Sky's eyes. If anyone deserved a happily-ever-after, it was Matt and Sky plus Seth, Mellie, and Joey. And yes, Matt. I'm already in love with you. Hehe. ^.^ Maybe Matt's Miracle gets five stars. ♥

Date Read: 28 June 2015

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