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Release Day: The Spider & the Storm by Kelsey Kingsley

The Spider & the Storm by Kelsey Kingsley Release Date: July 19, 2024 About The Spider & the Storm From the bestselling author of Saving Rain comes a bittersweet, heartbreaking story about a broken cemetery caretaker and the woman who gave him shelter from life’s constant storm. Along came The Spider… They called me a freak. They called me a loser. They tormented me and made my life a living nightmare when all I had ever wanted was to be left alone. And five years ago, after a lifetime of being bullied and harassed, of enduring more pain and trauma than any man could handle, that’s exactly what I set out to do. I left the only home I’d ever known to lock myself behind the cemetery gates and care for the only people who have ever given me the peace I craved—the dead. But just as I’d started to feel comfortable, an unexpected stranger broke into my house and fell into my web of reclusive safety, and somehow, opened my eyes to love and the possibility that I j

Release Blitz: The Stranger by J.L. Perry

The Stranger by J.L. Perry Release Date: July 19, 2024 About The Stranger SPENCER When I woke to my phone ringing just after 5 am on a Sunday—my only day off—it was safe to say I wasn’t impressed. I answered the call with an abrupt, “What!” The audible gasp and berating that followed had me grumbling, “Someone better be dead, Mother.” “After the relationship status you were tagged in on Facebook, no less, I very well could be,” was her reply. Relationship status? With who? I immediately clicked on the app, only to find it was true. Delilah St. James had one of those faces that was hard to forget, and I knew I’d never laid eyes on this pretty blonde with beautiful blue eyes before. I could’ve let my assistant, PR company, or my lawyer deal with it, but against my better judgement, I clicked on the Messenger app. “Do I know you?” I typed. DELILAH When my sister decided to post photos of her—on what was supposed to be my honeymoon—with my ex-fiancĂ© on social media, I did

Release Blitz: Method Acting by N.R. Walker

Method Acting (Franklin U 2 #7) by N.R. Walker Release Date: July 19, 2024 About Method Acting Chase Soria Every budding actor knows acting is a difficult gig. There will be grueling auditions and punishing rejections. If you’re lucky, there’ll be roles that pay the bills and even roles that won’t. Roles we don’t believe in. But that’s what acting is—acting as if we do believe in them. So when the semester’s production project is announced and I’m cast as one of the leads, I’m ecstatic. A lot of responsibility, a lot of work, but I’m up for it. Even when I find out what my role is and who my partner is. Amos, the brooding James Dean wannabe, is my on-screen boyfriend. Which is great, except for the fact he hates me. I can do this. It’s just acting. Nothing more. Amos Beddington The 90s are back, apparently. 90210 and Friends , but with a reality TV spin, which means cameras following us around as if they’re capturing the everyday lives of Franklin U students. M

Release Blitz: Wildest Dreams by Kristen Proby

Wildest Dreams (The Wilds of Montana #3) by Kristen Proby Release Date: July 18, 2024 About Wildest Dreams From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby  comes an all-new Small Town, Single Dad, Brother’s Best Friend, Cowboy romance. Ryan Wild thought he had everything he could ever want. A billionaire before thirty, he’s finally moved back home to Bitterroot Valley, built a beautiful house on his ranch, and has recently adopted a teenage boy that has brought nothing but joy into his life. The only thing that’s been missing is the feeling of Polly in his arms since their incredible night together months ago. Memories of her touch aren’t nearly enough to satisfy him, and Ryan will do anything he can to make her his. Polly can’t forget the one night she spent with Ryan all of those months ago, but she understood that it was a one-time deal. Yes, she still thinks about the sexy billionaire cowboy and his strong arms wrapped around her, but she’s a busy woman, with a thri

Release Blitz: The Wisdom Within by Gwen Martin

The Wisdom Within (The Collective #3) by Gwen Martin Release Date: July 18, 2024 About The Wisdom Within To have a future together, they must trust the wisdom about their past. At five years sober, Nik Ward is the picture-perfect recovering addict. With a carefully curated schedule that includes a job, volunteer hours, and hobbies, his routine shields him from the claws of addiction. All good, steady, healthy . . . and boring. Until he meets Micah Dixon. Micah just wants everything to go back to the way it was before his twin sister became an addict. He’d give anything to free her from the depths of her addiction, but if she doesn’t try to get sober by their mother’s vow renewals, he’ll have to cut her out of his life for good—no matter how much it hurts. Micah needs a distraction, and instead of dwelling on his ultimatum, he finds the perfect distraction in Nik. When the two men meeting turns into a series of hot and heavy hookups, both of their plans go out the window. U