Review: Marrying Mr. Majestic by Lucy Lennox

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

The Billionaire Brotherhood is back, and after Sebastian Dayne found his happily-ever-after with Rowe Prince in Prince of Lies, it's now thirty-two-year-old billionaire corporate strategist Silas Concannon's turn to fall, but his journey is out of order. You see, after one night in Vegas, he wakes up the next morning to the realization that he spent the evening prior meeting a stranger who was in a somewhat similar situation, getting absolutely drunk, and marrying Waylon Fletcher, a twenty-eight-year-old rancher from Majestic, Wyoming who also happens to be his town's mayor--their straight mayor. Now, it looks like Way isn't as straight as he once thought he was; not that it matters, since it should be easy enough to get a quickie divorce after their quickie wedding, but a complication or two nixes that plan. Way and Silas need to stay married for a few months in hopes that a pet project the former has for his town pushes through without a hitch (not counting getting hitched, of course). Convincing everyone--from the townsfolk to their respective sets of family and friends--may turn out to be far simpler for Silas and Way than convincing themselves and each other that they are mere temporary legal spouses with majestic benefits.

Marriage of convenience romances tend to follow one path--fake becomes real--but there are authors who are able to take a well-worn trope and add their creative touch to it and make it their own. Lucy Lennox has done just that. She's put together a story about two men who seem to have nothing in common and had them begin their journey with what other romances usually end with--marriage. Agreeing to stay together for a prescribed period of time afforded Way and Silas the opportunity to not only explore the former's sexuality but also for them to truly get to know each other and exorcise the demons of their past. The bits and pieces readers get of the Billionaire Brotherhood had me giddy, what with seeing Bash and Rowe still living out their happily-ever-after and the rest of the guys showcasing a tad more of their personalities. Then there's Way's circle of family and friends, and I must confess that I'm rather curious and hopeful that his cousin, Foster, gets his own book in the future. There's another pairing within the Brotherhood that I'm eager to read about, but it's the next book in the series, I'm truly excited for. That being said, allow me to bask in all the majesty of Marrying Mr. Majestic, which easily receives five stars.


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Amazon Release Date: 09 July 2024

Date Read: 22 June 2024

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