Book Spotlight: Ice Hearts by Monty Jay

Ice Hearts (Fury #2) by Monty Jay Date Released: September 24, 2020
About Ice Hearts Behind every heartless woman is a little girl who trusted the world with her love to have it chew her up and spit her out. No one knows that better than Aurelia Riggs.  Silver tongue matched with a golden appearance. She is the notorious ice queen.  To protect her heart she has a set of rules.  No sleeping over.  No second dates.  No falling in love.  Someone should have really warned Nico of them, but honestly, would he have listened? 
Nico ‘Southie’ Jett is the best forward in the league. Leading in points, shredding the ice, his control is unmatched. After an earth-shattering loss, and one slip up hits the press, his spot on the Fury is in danger.  Nico needs someone to fix his image and quick, who else better than Chicago’s most exceptional PR agent?  The only problem is she avoids him like the plague.  Nico is determined to get underneath her skin in all the right ways.  He has Aurelia Riggs all to himself. She can…

Double Cover Re-Reveal: Heartache Duet by Jay McLean

Heartache Duet Heartache and Hope (Heartache #1) Date Released: June 26, 2019 First and Forever (Heartache ##2)  Date Released: July 12, 2019 by Jay McLean Cover Design: Books and Moods

About the Heartache duet Ava Diaz needs saving. She just doesn’t know it yet. Just like she doesn’t know a thing about the boy she sits next to on the first day of senior year. He thinks she’s a brat. She thinks he’s entitled. Maybe first impressions don’t always last… Because Connor Ledger’s about to save her. He just doesn’t know why.

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About Jay McLean
Writer. Reader. Mom. Wife. Master of awkwa

Audiobook Series Blitz: Sin City Tales by M. Jay Granberry

Sin City Tales Exquisitely Broken (Sin City Tales #1) narrated by Lacy Laurel & Jakobi Diem Date Released: January 13, 2020 Exquisitely Hidden (Sin City Tales #2) narrated by Jacob Morgan & Benjamin Charles Date Released: July 15, 2020 by M. Jay Granberry
About the Sin City Tales series
Exquisitely Broken (book one) What happens in Vegas…
Sinclair James wasn’t from my world. She didn’t have my pedigree or family money. She was everything I never wanted. Everything I now realize I needed. I loved her for six years, her soul, her body, her music.
Until I threw it all away.
One decision changed everything. One decision destroyed what we had.
She slipped from my life as quietly as she had stolen my heart. But now she’s back.
Sinclair is mine, she just doesn’t know it yet. This time I’m not letting her go.
So, what happens in Vegas…?
A second chance to repair what was broken.

Exquisitely Hidden (book two) What Happens in Vegas…?
As front man for the band everyone’s eyes are on me. I bask in the spotlight But on…

Release Blitz: Risking It All by Isabel Lucero

Risking It All (Kingston Brothers #4) by Isabel Lucero Release Date: September 24, 2020
About Risking It All Ten years ago, I kissed my best friend.
Six years ago, my life changed and I went from being an unknown kid from a small town to a world-renowned rock star. Before leaving Gaspar, I told Ali we’d still be together. I made promises I didn’t keep, and I lied over and over again. I threw our plans out the window and made a life for myself.
I’ve barely had time to go home, because touring keeps me away. We haven’t been in touch in years, but after this tour, I’m heading home to find the only person who knows my deepest, darkest secret, and beg for forgiveness.
Ten years ago, I kissed my best friend, and his name is Alejandro Barerra. My Ali.
He may never forgive me for the broken promises or for breaking his heart, and I’m afraid he’ll never want to talk to me again, but he’s the only one who knows the real me, and I’m determined to win him back. Even if it means risking it all.

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