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Book Spotlight: Will & Patrick's Happy Ending by Leta Blake & Alice Griffiths

Will & Patrick's Happy Ending (Wake Up Married #6) by Leta Blake & Alice Griffiths Date Released: April 15, 2016 Leta Blake Books
About Will & Patrick's Happy Ending Follow Will & Patrick in this final installment of the romantic-comedy serial Wake Up Married by best-selling author Leta Blake and newcomer Alice Griffiths!
Sure, Will and Patrick are in love now, but they weren’t when they got married in Vegas. For Patrick, that’s no problem, but Will can’t shake his doubts that a relationship started through coercion can ever become the real deal.
Since the Molinaro crime family has reversed their position on divorce, Will and Patrick have a chance to rectify their drunken mistake. But is divorce the solution? Find out in this final installment of the much-beloved Wake up Married serial.
Episode 6 of 6 in the Wake Up Married serial.

Read my five-plus-starred review of the Wake Up Marriedserial.
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Review: Wake Up Married Series by Leta Blake & Alice Griffiths (Wake Up Married #1-#6)

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Patrick's throat works convulsively. "I trusted you.""I know. Please, Patrick. Please." Will hates the way Patrick's shoulders slump. He hates the look of defeat on his face. He hates most that he's put it there. "I don't want to hurt you.""You already did."
The Wake Up Married series, which I've been calling the Will & Patrick series, has been on my to-be-read list since I first heard about it at the end of last year. When the opportunity to read and review not just one but all six books, I jumped on it because when it comes to books, I don't pass up on something as fantastic as this. I was able to get through the entire serial in one sitting and loved every single page! Now, I'm not a fan of serials because they tend to test my patience (and if you're familiar with my reviews, you've heard me explain that I…

Book Spotlight: Out Rider by Lindsay McKenna

Out Rider (Jackson Hole #11) by Lindsay McKenna Release Date: May 1, 2016
About Out Rider With her return to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, New York Times bestselling author Lindsay McKenna shows how love can find a way out of the darkness…
A fresh start – that’s all Devorah McGuire wants. As a former Marine and current Ranger with the US Forest Service, she’s grown accustomed to keeping others safe. But when the unthinkable happens, she can only hope that a transfer to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, will allow her to put the past behind her for good.
Dev’s mentor at Grand Tetons National Park is fellow canine handler and horseman Sloan Rankin. He shows Dev the spectacular trails, never knowing the terror that stalks her every move. Despite her lingering fear, Dev feels an attraction for Sloan as wild as their surroundings.
With Sloan, Dev can envision a new life – a real home. Unless a vengeful man fresh out of prison succeeds in finishing what he started.
Read my four-starred review of Out Rider.
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Review: Out Rider by Lindsay McKenna (Jackson Hole #11)

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Out Rider is the eleventh novel in the Jackson Hole series by bestselling author Lindsay McKenna. I haven't read any of the previous releases from the series--though I'm quite curious about them after having finished this latest one--but you can still read this as a standalone without feeling as if you're missing something. Here we have Devorah McGuire, a former marine who now works for the US Forest Service as a ranger. She moves to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in hopes of putting as much distance as possible between her and her past. She then meets Sloan Rankin, a man who knows his way around the Grand Tetons National Park and mentors Dev to the best of his abilities. There's a chemistry between them that neither can deny. Dev has already survived one traumatizing experience with a man she thought she could trust before and Sloan has his own set of scars left behind by a failed marriage. If they decid…

Book Spotlight: Swerve by Sherilee Gray

Swerve (Boosted Hearts #1) by Sherilee Gray Date Released: April 26, 2016
About Swerve He’ll risk it all for one more night… 
When Hugh Colton’s father ran off, leaving him with a pile of gambling debts and a crime boss demanding repayment in stolen cars, his options were limited. Now his life’s on hold, and the last thing he needs to be worrying about is a distressed redhead in a Poison Ivy costume. He sure as hell shouldn’t be rescuing her in the car he’s just boosted—or asking her to come home with him. But a thief like him can’t offer more, no matter how much he wants to.
Everyone either leaves or is taken away, at least that’s all graphics designer Shay Freestone has ever known. And after a confidence shattering, career destroying break-up, she’s sworn off relationships forever. So it’s a good thing this raw, bearded, mountain of a man isn’t her type. Yet as one reckless hot night leads to another, their casual, no-strings affair starts to feel like so much more. 

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Review: Swerve by Sherilee Gray (Boosted Hearts #1)

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A bad boy and good girl falling for each other is one of my favorite romance tropes and the book that works that theme quite well is Swerve, the Boosted Hearts series starter from author Sherilee Gray. I'd have to say this is probably my top bad-boy-and-good-girl romances this year and it also happens to be my favorite Sherilee Gray, whose Axle Alley Vipers series was a fun read and one that I intend to finish via the third and final book this weekend. Swerve is sweet and sexy and leaves you fully satisfied by the time you get to the end. It's about twenty-five-year-old three-job part-timer Shay Freestone and thirty-one-year-old car thief and mechanic Hugh Colton. They're both doing whatever is necessary to keep their lives moving forward--albeit she chooses to do so by juggling several jobs and he's forced to boost vehicles in order to pay off his father's amassed deb…

Book Spotlight: Finding London by Ellie Wade

Finding London (Flawed Heart #1) by Ellie Wade Date Released: April 25, 2016
About Finding London London Wright thought she’d been in love before, but she hadn’t—not even close. 
Then, she met him.
Rugged and gorgeous, Loïc Berkeley, is everything she’s ever wanted. Getting him to notice her was a challenge, but keeping his love is proving to be more difficult.
London is used to getting what she wants, so loving someone like Loïc is a humbling and somewhat terrifying experience. For everything she has in her life, he’s the one thing she can’t bear to lose.
Loïc never wanted love. He views it as an unneeded distraction that always ends in disappointment, causing nothing but pain.
Then, he met her.
Spoiled but witty and breathtakingly beautiful, London Wright is his undoing. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew his life would never be the same. Though he tries to fight it, he finds himself falling for her.
Loïc has lived a life full of sorrow, but finding London brings him rare happ…