Review: Stolen Innocence by Melody Anne (Becoming Elena #1)

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I haven't had the pleasure of reading bestselling author Melody Anne's previous books, so I can't really compare the stories she's given readers before to this Becoming Elena series starter, Stolen Innocence, but based on reviews I've come across, this is far darker fare than what she's produced in the past. This book was not an easy read and if you have yet to read it, I'm going to go ahead and caution you about potential triggers. Not only is the female main character abducted as a sixteen-year-old, she's methodically and brutally raped, beaten, and abused over several years. Her mind is altered, being forced to forget that her life as Mary and to fully embrace her new life as Elena. If you prefer lighter, more swoony fare, I suggest that you look elsewhere because you will not be getting that with Stolen Innocence.

The story itself is one that I couldn't help but become engrossed in and Mary/Elena is a girl that I so wished could break free from the situation she was in. None of the men in the story should be trusted, because as much as they try to position themselves as Mary/Elena's would-be savior, they can't seem to help their true nature and the temptation to have Mary/Elena under their control, doing their bidding, and fulfilling every single one of their filthy fantasies is too strong for them to resist for long. This ends in a cliffhanger, so we don't get any actual resolutions with as far as Mary/Elena's case is concerned, and the prologue didn't really have any connection whatsoever to this first book. Still, Stolen Innocence was a well-written book and has me intrigued to Mary/Elena's ultimate fate and if she can save herself. 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 24 April 2016

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