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Book Spotlight: Tequila by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Tequila (Country Love #1) by Dr. Rebecca Sharp Date Released: December 5, 2019
About Tequila From bestselling author, Dr. Rebecca Sharp, comes a new and sexy rescue romance standalone novel...
A pilot, a park ranger, and a bottle of tequila sit down at a bar. One shot. One kiss. One night together on top of the Rockies changed everything… until morning rolled around.
Six years later, Shay Covington returns to Colorado. Famous. The best fighter pilot in the Air Force. Infamous. Pulled from her command and fleeing her shadow of shame. When torrential rains strand her in town, the mountain man who rescues her is none other than Logan Daniels—the Park Ranger she disappeared on after one night.
Shock. Logan never thought he’d see his tequila girl again. Betrayal. She hadn’t even given him her real name. Unfortunately, with highways closed and hotels full, he has only one choice: to bring Shay home with him.
But this time, fate decides to give them more than a single night.
By morning, they’re trap…

Review: Tequila by Dr. Rebecca Sharp (Country Love #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wildfire Marketing Solutions.
I've read about four of Dr. Rebecca Sharp's books so far this year, but it's this fifth one that's definitely become my favorite. It's also the one that's really made me sit up and pay attention, thanks to some fantastic writing and two characters that I could get my heart behind. Tequila is the first book out of Sharp's new Country Love series, and I can only hope that the rest of the books to follow are as good as this one. I've already got the next book on my list of anticipated reads for 2020, and that's simply based on my reading experience with this second-chance romance.

This is more novella in length, but it certainly didn't need to be as long as a saga in order to share the sort of romance that grabs your heart and refuses to let go of it from start to finish. When they'd met, Shay Covington was twenty-two and a newly graduated cadet out…

Book Spotlight: The Lineup by Meghan Quinn

The Lineup by Meghan Quinn Date Released: December 5, 2019
About The Lineup Want to know a secret? It's about that girl over there. Don’t look, but she’s the one in the power suit—with the long, black hair and the serious expression, the one I’m about to go on a date with . . .
Yeah, according to her, she “accidentally” donated an obscene amount of money to my charity — The Lineup — to win said date but I found out the truth. Miss Button-Up Blouse has a secret, passionate crush on me.
I didn’t know her name until two days ago, despite the friends we have in common. Was I oblivious? Probably. Was I blind to it? Definitely.
But I’m no fool, I see it now. The High Heel Harlot wants more than just a date with Jason Orson, she wants to be able to claim the best butt in baseball as hers.
Here's another secret . . . she has no idea I know.

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An Excerpt from The L…

Review: The Lineup by Meghan Quinn

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.
Meghan Quinn brings us back to her world of baseball with the third novel in her unnamed series! The Lineup is the story of Jason Orson and Dorothy Domico, and while stories one thru three were mostly set in college, this one is set post-college, as in years afterwards. If you're familiar with this particular series of books, then you'll get what I'm saying when this takes place after the end of The Locker Room, unlike The Dugout, which took place during book one but ends prior to its conclusion. (And let's not count Holt's Story, which was part of the multi-authored Team Player 2, since it was basically the first few chapters of what will later be a full-length novel, one that Quinn said would be released after The Lineup.) Confused? Well, don't worry. Whether or not you've read the other books, Jason and Dottie's book can be read as a standalone, as is the case with all the others, but th…

Pre-Order Blitz: Treacherous by Melissa Toppen & Alex Grayson

Treacherous by Alex Grayson & Melissa Toppen Release Date: December 10, 2019
About Treacherous Senior year was not going how I planned. It was supposed to be an amazing year—the perfect year. And it started out that way… until my mom remarried, and I found myself in a new town, at a new school, and living with quite possibly the most conniving person I had ever met. But my horrible stepbrother wasn’t even the worst part. It was his best friend. Zayden Michaels. Gorgeous. Unpredictable. Treacherous. The kind of guy who sends most sane people running in the opposite direction. He hated me from the first moment he saw me. He made it his mission to make sure I knew it too. I became the target—the bullied. Until suddenly I wasn’t anymore. But in a world of rumors, games, and deceit, you never really know who you can trust. Sometimes the best deceptions are the ones you never see coming.

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Review: Treacherous by Alex Grayson & Melissa Toppen

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the authors via Enticing Journey Book Promotions.
Neither Alex Grayson nor Melissa Toppen is a new-to-me author. As a matter of fact, I've enjoyed some of their past releases; however, my most recent respective friends from them weren't my favorites. With this co-authored novel, though, my faith has been restored and I was beyond impressed with how they brought their writing talents together to create such emotive story. I'm also hoping that Treacherous is the first in a new series from the Grayson-Toppen duo, especially given how curious I now find myself when it comes to at least three of the supporting cast of characters. But I digress! I'll save all my hopes and dreams for more novels later on in my review.

It's been said that the only thing that's constant in life is change, and eighteen-year-old Rylee Harper knows that firsthand. Not only has her mother remarried, but they've had to move into the hom…

Review: Hot Chocolate Kisses by Jackie North (Snow Globe Christmas #9)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via LesCourt ARC Team.
I love Jackie North's Love Across Time series, so I was curious to see what a holiday romance from her would be like. I've yet to read her previous holiday story, The Christmas Knife, so this newest one was something I was looking forward to. Hot Chocolate Kisses is the ninth book in the multi-authored Snow Globe Christmas collection but it reads exceptionally well as a standalone considering I've yet to read any of the other books in the series. I'm guessing that the threads that connect all of the stories are the snow globes and the Christmas season.

Short but sweet, Hot Chocolate Kisses is the story of two seemingly opposite men. Alex had no choice but to leave behind his unsavory life in Chicago, Illinois and moves to the small town of Harlin, Colorado to be closer to his sister and brother-in-law. His first interaction with Cory isn't exactly a good one, and neither is the ne…

Release Blitz: Countdown to Christmas by Betty Shreffler

Countdown to Christmas by Betty Shreffler Release Date: December 6, 2019
About Countdown to Christmas It’s just a bet.  
10 days until Christmas and all I have to do is avoid my roommate’s delightfully wrapped package.
When the countdown to Christmas is over, I’ll be collecting my own present—a generous stack of pretty green bills.
It doesn’t matter that every time he looks at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes, my knees quake.
It doesn’t matter how every time he takes his shirt off, my heart skips a beat.
Despite what my body wants, I know to keep this charming heartbreaker in the friend zone.
This should be an easy ten days, that is until my roommate shares his best kept secret.
Now the countdown to Christmas has begun and all he wants for Christmas is me. 

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An Excerpt from Countdown to Christmas Leaning his head back on the cushion, he…