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Review: Natural Disaster by Erin McLellan (Storm Chasers #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via LesCourt ARC Team.
Natural Disaster is the first book in Erin McLellan's new Storm Chasers series, and it was an easy and pretty quick-paced read with a hint of enemies-to-lovers and a dash of workplace romance to it. Guthrie Gale is a reporter for KTTY News Channel 7, a local station in Oklahoma, with a preference for working on stories of a lighter fare. You would think that someone with his pedigree would have him wanting to be a storm chaser, but that's the last thing he's interested in becoming nowadays. When his boss assigns him to the weather team and is partnered with rookie storm chaser and California transplant Luke Masters, Guthrie balks, but with budget cuts and possible terminations, Guthrie knows he doesn't have much of a choice. The tension between the two of them is immediately palpable once they're in each other's company, and it's not merely due to their differences in opini…

Book Spotlight: The Golden Hour by L.M. Halloran

The Golden Hour
by L.M. Halloran
Date Released: October 10, 2019

About The Golden Hour
My name is Finn McCowen, and I want my revenge.

Callisto Avellino was the heiress of one of the country’s most influential families. A delicate wildflower in a bed of thorns. And the daughter of the man who killed my father.

Six years ago, she disappeared.

She says she ran away to escape the poison of her corrupt family. Money. Prestige. Power. Murder.

We have the same agenda—or so it seems: ruin the Avellinos at all costs.

If I have to put her in harm’s way to get what I want?

So be it.

Read my 4.5-starred review of The Golden Hour.
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An Excerpt from The Golden Hour
“You’re blackmailing me.”

He shrugs. “Call it what you want. I think of it more as making you an offer you can’t refuse.”

“Screw you.”

His humorless grin slices me. “I almost did. What’s it gonna be, princess? A new boyfriend or a media lynching? Doesn…

Review: The Golden Hour by L.M. Halloran

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR.
The Golden Hour is a standalone spin-off of the Illusions duet--which, in turn, is a spin-off of the Visions series--all of which were penned by L.M. Halloran. This is Finn McCowen's story, one that he shares with Callisto Avellino, and at its core, it's all about wanting vengeance but needing something more instead. Finn wants revenge on the man who killed his father, and in Callisto, he isn't sure if what he's found is a partner or a pawn. After all, she was an heiress, the kind that you assume led a privileged and pampered life, one expected to uphold the legacy of the family she was born into. The family she belonged to was led by the man Finn has set his sights on--her father and his father's murderer. It was six years ago when she disappeared without a word. She claims she couldn't be a part of the her family--a family that she would rather shun than whose vileness and corrup…

Book Spotlight: I See You by Mary Burton

I See You (Criminal Profiler #2) by Mary Burton Date Released: October 8, 2019 Montlake Romance
About I See You FBI special agent Zoe Spencer uses skeletal remains to recreate the faces of murder victims through sculpture. Though highly scientific, the process is also sensitive and intimate; she becomes attached to the individuals she identifies, desperate to find justice for each.
As Zoe examines old remains, she sees a teenage girl looking back at her—the victim in a cold case from over a decade ago. Zoe wants nothing more than to tell this young woman’s story and to bring her killer to justice.
Zoe’s case leads her to the victim’s hometown and to homicide detective William Vaughan, Zoe’s on-again, off-again lover. As the two become more involved in the case, they quickly realize that it isn’t as cold as they first believed: someone’s still out there hunting women. And with more women gone missing, time’s running out. Can they work together and stop this madman before he kills again?


Release Blitz: Running From My Heart by Felice Stevens

Running From My Heart (Rock Bottom #3) by Felice Stevens Date Released: October 6, 2019
About Running From My Heart "Holding onto the past can hurt more than letting it go." 
People say six years is long enough to mourn the death of his husband but for Ross Miller, the pain is as fresh as if it happened yesterday. He’s left his glittering Hollywood life behind, yet guilt still dogs his steps, no matter how far he runs. Trapped by his past and needing to escape his well-meaning friends, he rents a cabin in the secluded Adirondack mountains. A reclusive man moves in next door and piques Ross’s interest, but his persistent attempts at friendship are rebuffed. That doesn’t stop him because the one rule Ross Miller has always lived by is to never take no for an answer.
Novelist Arden Wainwright has given up. He can’t pretend a happiness he knows he’ll never find again. Solitary days turn into years, and he remains frozen, unable to take a breath. At his wit’s end, he retreats to the m…

Review: Running From My Heart by Felice Stevens (Rock Bottom #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Signal Boost Promotions.
“I'm not sure I know what I'm doing.”“Oh, honey. None of us do. We fall in and out of love, we fuck up, we make up, but remember this: some of us have to hit rock-bottom to appreciate the climb back up to reach the stars.”
I'm not entirely sure if the Running From My Heart is the final novel in Felice Stevens's Rock Bottom series, but if it is, then Stevens has definitely ended this trilogy with the best story in the lot--and that's saying something considering the first two books were fantastic reads. This third book is a tale of first loves and the most heartrending of losses and feelings of grief and guilt that can keep those who remain stuck, unmoving and unable to consider the myriad of possibilities if only they would open their minds and hearts to whatever may await them.

It's been six years since forty-three-year-old film director Ross Miller lost his husband, Dom…

Book Spotlight: Alex by A.M. Salinger

Alex (Twilight Falls #1) by A.M. Salinger Date Released: September 20, 2019
About Alex Alex Hancock needs money to salvage his career. Finn West needs a spouse to stop his aunt from sabotaging his future. Can the two men make more of the fake marriage they enter into?

When Alex’s business partner runs off to Mexico with their company funds, the lawyer has little choice but to return to his hometown of Twilight Falls to marry someone he’d never met in order to raise the money to save his business. What he didn’t expect was that the woman he was meant to wed would turn out to be a gorgeous, brooding man.

Finn had resigned himself to a life without love after his wife’s death from cancer. Wracked with guilt at never being able to satisfy her in bed, Finn is shocked when his body and his heart starts responding to the man he is tricked into marrying to stop his aunt from dissolving his trust fund.

Passions collide when the two men start exploring their relationship in ways neither of them anti…

Review: Alex by A.M. Salinger (Twilight Falls #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Xpresso Book Tours.
Prior to me reading this series starter, A.M. Salinger was a new-to-me author and within the first few chapters of Alex, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I should be ashamed of myself. Why? Well, I've clearly been missing out on this author's writing, and now I'm not only eager to read more from her Twilight Falls series but I've added her Nights collection to my never-ending to-be-read list. Salinger's new series starter is set in the fictional California town of Twilight Falls, and I think it'll be about a group of friends known as the Terrible Seven--Alex Hancock, Drake Jackson, Wyatt Batista, Tristan Hart, Hunter Thomson, Carter Wilson, and Miles Martinez--but that's purely guesswork on my end, although I'm really hoping I'm right because my curiosity is at an all-time high!

Alex Hancock is a lawyer who left his hometown at eighteen and finds his way ba…

Book Spotlight: Her Lovely Lies by K.L. Clare

Her Lovely Lies (Beautiful White Lies #2) by K.L. Clare Date Released: September 30, 2019
About Her Lovely Lies Ellie James loves him madly, wants his children—but does she really know him? Come a little closer if you dare. Will Hastings is back with more of the dark love story that began in Lies That Bind Us.
Loving her is all that I am. She is the flesh and blood savior who lights up my soul. She’s grace and beauty, the source of my addiction. I watch her every move, consume each breath she takes. I won’t live without her touch. She’s in my bed when I close my eyes and there when I wake. But now, my angel lies to me.
Elle secretly investigates the lies left behind by her sister and my brother. She should know better—no space exists between us, no room for secrets. I allow the deception while she searches for answers, but I am always right behind her, eliminating the threats that shadow us. Her discovery? It drives me straight to my knees.

Read my 4.5-starred review of Her Lovely Lies.