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Review: Sadistic Sherlock by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott (Ward Security #4)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the authors via IndiGo Marketing & Design. “Love isn't just an extra layer of feelings. Love is the feeling.” He searched those brown eyes, and what saw in response chased away the disappointment instantly. That swell in his chest turned warm and welcoming, and he was glad for the water on his face, because his eyes teared up. “ The feeling, huh? Like the big kahuna?”   Abe smirked. “That and the whole shebang.” “The grand poobah?” “And the top banana.” Just when I thought this series couldn't get any better...IT DOES! I did the whole fangirl flail thing after reading the fourth and latest novel in Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott's epically awesome Ward Security series because Abe and Dom's story was everything I didn't know I needed. Sadistic Sherlock is all about thirty-two-year-old Dominic Walsh and forty-nine-year-old Abraham Stephens, and boy, oh boy, but how these two worked the who

Release Blitz: Greyson Fox by TL Travis

Greyson Fox by TL Travis Date Released: September 28, 2018 About Greyson Fox Greyson Fox, the man, the myth, the legend. The highly sought after, self-proclaimed permanent bachelor. Or so the rumor mill goes. Sure, I’ve heard it all – but the one that stung the most was being called a heartless bastard. Love ‘em and leave ‘em, that one in particular I found to be the most humorous since only one man had ever shared my bed more than once, and he’d long since passed away. I wasn’t the heartless bastard they all proclaimed me to be, but life had a way of kicking me in the teeth…Repeatedly, so I shut my heart off. For years I thrived, building my empire and living by my own rules. Until one day, the walls came crashing down around me. Potential trigger warning: This book contains brief descriptions of human sex trafficking, as well as two mentions of sexual abuse, including a brief description of oral abuse and an attempted sexual assault. There is some physical

Book Spotlight: Thrall by Avon Gale & Roan Parrish

Thrall by Avon Gale & Roan Parrish Date Released: September 27, 2018 Philtre Press About Thrall Dating Sucks & Love Bites Happy couple Mina Murray and Lucy Westenra have begun to garner national attention for their quirky New Orleans true-crime podcast, Shadowcast. When Lucy’s brother Harker disappears while researching the popular new dating app Thrall, they’re thrown into a real-life mystery. Aided by their social media expert, Arthur, and Harker’s professor, Van Helsing, they follow the trail, hoping to find Harker before it’s too late. When their investigation crosses the path of a possible serial killer, the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur. And as they race against the app’s countdown clock, so does the line between friendship and love. What starts as a flirtatious rivalry between computer-savvy Arthur and techno-averse Van Helsing becomes much more, and Mina and Lucy’s relationship is tested in the fires of social media. A

Release Blitz: When Forever Changes by Siobhan Davis

When Forever Changes by Siobhan Davis Release Date: September 30, 2018 About When Forever Changes Gabby 

Looking back, I should have seen the signs. Perhaps I did, but I subconsciously chose to ignore them.  From the time I was ten, when I first met Dylan, I knew he was my forever guy. Back then, I couldn’t put words to what I was feeling, but, as the years progressed, I came to recognize it for what it was—soul-deep love. The kind only very few people ever get to experience. Dylan was more than just my best friend, my childhood sweetheart, my lover.  He was my soulmate.  We were carved from the same whole—destined to be together forever. Until he changed.  And I believed I was no longer good enough.  Until he shattered me so completely, it felt like I ceased to exist.  And I’d never experienced such heart-crushing pain. Until he leveled me a second time, and I truly wanted to die. But I had to stay strong because I wasn’t alon

Book Spotlight: A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas by Terry Spear

A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas (Billionaire Wolf #2) by Terry Spear Date Released: September 25, 2018 Sourcebooks Casablanca About A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas When the wolves’ own blood betrays them, they risk their lives to find a miracle. Wolf shifter Dr. Aidan Denali has been working day and night to find a cure for werewolves’ alarmingly sudden decline in lifespan. The key to the problem eludes him. But when Aidan grudgingly leaves his work to do some holiday shopping, he meets a remarkable she-wolf whose mysterious pack could bring him one step closer to the answer. Dr. Holly Gray is thrilled to meet the wolf who’s been working so hard to help others. Now, it’s her turn to help him. But while their attraction is sizzling, the packs are at odds, and the danger is increasing. It’s going to take a holiday miracle for Holly and Aidan to get themselves—and their loved ones—out of this alive… 🐺  🐺  🐺 Add A Billionaire for Christmas on Goodread

Book Spotlight: Ride or Dye by Aimee Nicole Walker

Ride or Dye (Curl Up and Dye Mysteries #6) by Aimee Nicole Walker Date Released: September 12, 2018 About Ride or Dye Gabe and Josh Roman-Wyatt have been living life in the fast lane. Demanding jobs, precocious twin toddlers, an ever-growing circle of friends, and a menagerie of pets means their home is filled with love and laughter but very few quiet moments for the happy couple. Gabe’s solution is to plan a surprise vacation at a perfect hideaway where the two of them can slow things down and reconnect. Tarlington House, a historic home located on Edisto Island in South Carolina, hosts an annual murder-mystery event which will allow Josh to use the skills he learned from his all-time favorite television detective to solve the case. The serene setting is perfect for fun days in the sun, passionate lovemaking under the stars, and a healthy wager between husbands to see who can plan the best date. But when the other guests arrive, the guys find themselves surrou