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Audiobook Review: Orientation by Gregory Ashe, narrated by Charlie David (Borealis Investigations #1)

Gregory Ashe was an author who came highly recommended to me by my friends who adore M/M romance as much as I do. I can't believe it's taken me THIS long to finally dive into a story of his, but given that Orientation is the first in the Borealis Investigations series, I decided this was the best time to discover his writing without me whining and complaining that I'd have to do a lot of back list reading. Funnily, after listening to this audiobook, I've decided to check out Ashe's audio back list via the first three audiobooks in his previous series, Hazard and Somerset, which is the same series my friends have been encouraging me to check out for the past couple of years, while I'm still on my three-month trial run with Audible Escape. 
Orientation introduces listeners to North McKinney and Kingsley Shaw Wilder Aldrich, best friends and co-owners of Borealis Investigations. With the future of their business in limbo after an incident that finds North with a s…

Release Blitz: Fake You by MV Ellis

Fake You (Boys of Trinity Hall #2) by MV Ellis Release Date: January 31, 2020
About Break You Drew
I hate the lies you tell. For as long as I can remember, everything in my world has been fake. The happy nuclear family. The loving parents. The close father-son relationship. The respectable family business. All lies. I’ve had it with the pretense and the show, but I’m been trapped on a dizzying merry-go-round of deception, and I can’t get off.
So when she’s thrown unexpectedly into my path, and I discover she’s just another fake, I need to make her pay. Little do I know, the deceit runs deeper than I imagined, and nothing is as it seems.
I tell the lies I hate.
I hate the lies and the pretense, but if I ‘m going to achieve what I want in life, they’re a necessary evil. Truth is, I’ve mostly made peace with the idea. What I’m doing is a means to an end, and the end definitely justifies the means. Besides, it’s not forever—nothing ever is.
Everybody has to do what they have to do, right? I c…

Review: Fake You by MV Ellis (Boys of Trinity Hall #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Book Promotions.
“[N]o matter how hard you try, no amount of lying to me, yourself or anyone else is going to explain away this thing between us.”
When it comes to the bully romance trope, Fake You is the real deal! This particular trope's popularity ebbs and flows, depending on the time of year, and I've certainly read my fair share. Some titles have stood out, both for good and not-so-good reasons. Because a handful have raised the bar, I've become more discerning, and so far, MV Ellis's Boys of Trinity Hall is a standout. Two books in and this author, who was totally new to me until I discovered her writing via Break You, the Boys of Trinity Hall series starter, back in October of last year, continues to leave me gobsmacked with how intense her story lines are yet as the layers that surround the main characters are peeled away, the vulnerability that's there is what stays with me most. I w…

Release Blitz: Dirty Sweet Valentine by Laurelin Paige

Dirty Sweet Valentine by Laurelin Paige Release Date: January 31, 2020
About Dirty Sweet Valentine A hero who forgets Valentine’s Day. A hero who remembers. A hero with a Valentine’s surprise. And a hero with a holiday declaration.
Dirty Filthy Valentine - When Donovan forgets Valentine’s Day, Sabrina spends the evening at the office, working. Until she realizes she’s not alone.
Filthy Valentine Fix - Trish loves parties at The Open Door, even on Valentine’s Day. What she doesn’t love is some of the customs associated with the holiday. Will her boyfriend ignore them like she wants him to? Or will he force her to enjoy the day in ways she never knew she could?
Dirty Sweet Valentine - Like her boss, Amy has a reason for being a Scrooge about love. As far as she’s concerned, that stupid holiday with all the hearts and flowers is just another day. Then a surprise shows up on her doorstep, and her evening takes a sudden turn.
Plus one more story featuring a virgin with a secret and the boy who wants…

Review: Dirty Sweet Valentine by Laurelin Paige

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Candi Kane PR.
Bestselling author Laurelin Paige is ringing in Valentine's Day a couple of weeks early with her mini anthology of four Valentine-themed short stories that take place in worlds familiar to her fans and readers. Now, you don't necessarily need to read any of her previous releases, but there is an extra-special thrill for readers like me who do know some of the characters. But whether you're new to Paige or have read a few or know every single one of her books, Dirty Sweet Valentine is a fabulously fun and filthy collection erotic romance readers will enjoy. Four stars.

Dirty Filthy Valentine is the first story and has Donovan Kincaid and Sabrina Lind from the author's Dirty duet. It's Valentine's Day and seeing the other people at work receiving deliveries from their significant others shouldn't be filling Sabrina with envy. After all, she knows Donovan loves her, and he's t…

Book Spotlight: Red Rocket by Raine Miller

Red Rocket (Vegas Crush #3) by Raine Miller writing as Brit DeMille Date Released: January 30, 2020
About Red Rocket “They call me The Mad Russian for a reason.”—Viktor Demoskev, Vegas Crush

My reputation as an Enforcer was earned one game at a time. Fighting on the ice for my team is something I take very seriously because I came to the USA to play hockey, not be a celebrity.

Unfortunately, this logic has my public image taking a beating—not that I care very much how others think of me.

Except for her.


A woman as gorgeous, and fiery, and sexy, as that long red hair of hers. Which would look even more stunning spread out on my sheets with my hands tangled in it all night long, while naked, of course.

It is unfortunate that she also works for the team. In Public Relations... So yeah, the no-fraternization policy is an issue but hardly my main concern. The biggest hurdle is Scarlett thinking I'm part of a gambling ring for the Russian Mafia.

Crazy, right?

I can deal with setting h…

Re-Release Blitz: Sex in Seattle Series by Eli Easton

The Sex in Seattle Series The Trouble with Tony
(Sex in Seattle #1) The Enlightenment of Daniel
(Sex in Seattle #2) The Mating of Michael
(Sex in Seattle #3) by Eli Easton Re-Release Date: January 30, 2020
About the Sex in Seattle series

The Trouble with Tony (book one) As part of the investigation into the murder of a young woman, Seattle P.I. Tony DeMarco poses as a patient of Dr. Jack Halloran, the therapist who treated the victim at a Seattle sex clinic. This isn’t the first time Tony has gone undercover, but it’s the first time he’s wanted to go under cover with one of his suspects. He can’t help it—Jack Halloran is just the kind of steely-eyed hero Tony goes for. But he’ll have to prove Halloran’s innocence and keep the doctor from finding out about his ruse before he can play Romeo. 
Dr. Halloran has his own issues, including a damaged right arm sustained in the line of duty as a combat surgeon in Iraq and the PTSD that followed. He’s confused to find himself attracted to a new patient, …