Review: Protecting What's Mine by Lucy Score

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions.

“You're my hero, Dreamy.” 
“You're mine, Hotshot.”

I knew going into Protecting What's Mine that it was part of a collection of other books that centered on the small town of Benevolence, Maryland, which basically meant that there would be recurring characters whose stories have already been told. But, I still jumped in for two reasons: first, this was going to be my second Lucy Score read and I wanted to see if my first read--which I loved--was a fluke or not (totally NOT a fluke because I floved this new novel!); and second, I finally had Kindle Unlimited and would be able to read the previous books should my curiosity be piqued about the rest of the cast of characters (which it has, and now, my to-be-read list has grown!). Fair warning: My review may or may not contain one or few, erm, two fire- and medical-related puns just because.

Benevolence Fire Department Chief Lincoln Reed is a hot commodity. He's earned his status as local hero with a reputation for being fun and flirty but not the type to settle down any time soon, and he's fine with that assessment. But then he meets Dr. Mackenzie O'Neil and the feisty and fiery woman who seems more adept at talking about her job than talking about herself sparks something in Linc that he's never experienced in his entire life. Mack, however, is only in Benevolence for six months, needing a change from her adrenaline-packed life in the army before deciding how to proceed with her career. Engaging in a fling with Linc isn't something she's planned for, but she may have initially misdiagnosed Linc's intentions and her own ability to resist the heat between them.

Is it too early for me to name this as one of my favorites for 2020? Yes? No? Either way, I absolutely adored this book! I loved Linc's and Mack's back stories because it showed that in spite of Linc's easygoing and flirty nature when it came to women, he knew all about heartache and rejection, while Mack's childhood has left her believing she isn't capable of having a healthy relationship. And goodness, but did this have an awesome cast of characters! Yes, they were nosy but they were also protective and appreciative of one another. The kids were all fabulous as well, and kudos on the diversity, including someone from here (the Philippines!). But the best thing about this book? SUNSHINE!!! If you know me, you won't be surprised, but seriously, how frickin' adorable was she?! Gah! If you love small town romances with heaps of heart and heat, go read Protecting What's Mine ASAP. Five-plus stars! ♥

Release Date: 16 January 2020

Date Read: 16 January 2020

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