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Release Blitz: The Lovely Return by Carian Cole

The Lovely Return by Carian Cole Release Date: November 30, 2023 About The Lovely Return What if death doesn’t do you part? They say be careful what you wish for. But on December 5th, Alex Fox makes a wish in the midst of a devastating tragedy. Little did he know, that wish would come true. Six years after that fateful day, a little girl wanders into Alex’s studio. With her quirky personality, endless questions, and adorable smile, Penny Rose becomes an enchanting, yet bittersweet, distraction. Penny Rose was an odd girl—at least, that’s what her parents said. Penny herself didn’t feel particularly odd; she simply felt misplaced. As if somehow, in some way, she was living in the wrong place. In the wrong life. As the years pass, Alex and Penny develop a friendship. But it becomes harder and harder for them to ignore their undeniable chemistry, no matter how forbidden it is. Alex believed he’d never find love again, let alone fall for a girl half his age. But Penny is ev

Release Blitz: Broken Romeo by Katana Collins

Broken Romeo (Shattered Hearts #1) by Katana Collins Release Date: November 30, 2023 About Broken Romeo I was looking for a job, not a Romeo… because everyone knows how that story ends. I’ve got three hundred bucks left in my bank account, two jobs, and one final chance to make it as an actress in New York City. After years of being a chorus girl, I arrive at my first Broadway audition for a leading role thinking I finally have a shot at making it...until I come face to face with the director, Holden James—the rich quarterback from college who broke my heart and stabbed me in the back three years ago. But I’m not the same girl I was in college. And unlike three years ago, I now know just what—and who—I’m dealing with. This time, I know how to play the game. In this cutthroat business, I need to remember the truest theatrical lesson of all: For never was a story of more woe... than this of Juliet and her Romeo. Fans of Glee , Smash! , Ilsa Madden-Mills, and Max Monroe a

Release Blitz: The Edge of Something New by Kristin Turnage

The Edge of Something New (The Edge #5) by Kristin Turnage Release Date: November 30, 2023 About The Edge of Something New Alexis Roberts needs to find a plan. After the life that she's worked for is tipped on its side, all her plans have crumbled to the ground. Every little detail was planned out. Get into a good college, get into medical school, become a great doctor. That's what she wanted. But you can't build sandcastle and think they will stay forever. In a whirlwind of events Alexis lost everything, her fiancĂ©, her job, and her baby.  Now there is no where to go but home, back to the place where the boy that she once loved lives. Where all her trauma started. She expected people to hate her, that was a given, but what she didn't expect was for that same boy to still have a hold on her after so many years. They say time heals all wounds, but what if destiny has other plans? Noah Walker has a place, and that's being the oldest in the family, putting

Release Blitz: Delightful Sins by Lola King

Delightful Sins (North Shore Stories #3) by Lola King Release Date: November 30, 2023 About Delightful Sins She betrayed them and ran away. They want their revenge. In a town where all that matters is loyalty to your gang, I’ve been labeled a traitor. I ran away from the North Shore the day I knew I wasn’t safe there anymore. I left behind the people I thought were my family, my friends, my crew: the Kings. Mainly, I turned my back on the two men who once meant everything to me. I might have known Elliot and Ethan since we were children, but I betrayed the brothers in more ways than one. Or at least I would rather them believe that than know why they should truly want me dead. I should have known no one escapes the Kings. The most powerful gang on the North Shore never planned on letting me go. It doesn’t matter that I ran as far as I could, they found me now, and they’re taking me back to a town that holds my darkest secrets and most haunting memories. Where everyone hates me, w

Release Blitz: Craving My Rival by P. Rayne

Craving My Rival (The Mafia Academy #4) by P. Rayne Release Date: November 30, 2023 About Craving My Rival Polina Aminoff At the Sicuro Academy, the Russians and the Italians give each other a wide berth. We’re bitter enemies after all. So imagine my disbelief when my brother announces that I’m to wed Dante Accardi, next in line to run the Accardi Italian crime family. After the shock subsides, I’m determined to save myself. It’s not until my plan is in full swing that I realize there might be more to Dante than I first thought. But those closest to me, those who were supposed to protect me have always hurt me. Now, I have to decide whether to trust him with my heart or whether he’ll just be another person in my life who brings me to my knees. Dante Accardi Polina Aminoff is a Bratva brat and an ice princess that I don’t think even an easy-going guy like me can thaw. And I’ve never had an issue melting the panties off a woman before. I’m just as unhappy about our engagement as s

Release Blitz: A Forever Love by Vikki Jay

A Forever Love (The King's World #4) by Vikki Jay Release Date: November 30, 2023 About A Forever Love Carter King – first and only love of my life – a man who became my happy place after my mom’s death. It didn’t matter that he was eleven years older than me or that he was groomed to be my dad’s boss, I loved him with every bit of my teenage heart. But mine was an unrequited love, at least until now. I’m returning home after four years of college, hoping I’ve finally purged Carter out of my system. But he’s no longer the carefree man I remember. Instead, he's a brooding CEO, wrapped in Tom Ford sophistication and a touch of vulnerability.  Did I say, I wasn't ready for this changed version of him? All my attempts to stay away fall apart and it takes no time for the old friendship to rekindle, evolving into every bit of my teenage fantasies. Carter kisses me in front of hundreds of his business associates, and promises me the all-consuming love, I’d dreamt of since I w