Review: His Wicked Ways by Melissa Foster (The Wickeds: Dark Knights at Bayside #5)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Back to Bayside I went, and Melissa Foster's fifth novel in her Wickeds: Dark Knights at Bayside series has had its wicked way with me. His Wicked Ways is Blaine Wicked and Reese Wilder's story, and I highly recommend you buckle up and hold on tight because theirs was one heck of an exhilarating ride. Blaine is the oldest amongst his siblings and was raised to take that responsibility to heart. At thirty-four, his protectiveness is second nature, so when he sees a woman in need of help, he doesn't hesitate to step in. Now, twenty-six-year-old Reese Wilder doesn't think of herself as a damsel in distress, and asking for and accepting help isn't something she's ever done easily. Life taught her to be independent, but she would do absolutely anything for her younger sister, even take on work that she wasn't exactly prepared for. Neither was having a tatted up and too gorgeous Dark Knight bulldoze his way into their lives, but Blaine declares he isn't going anywhere and that he's all in when it comes to Reese and Colette. But does all in include his heart because he's made it clear he doesn't do relationships or commitment? And when Reese and Colette's safety is on the line, how far will Blaine go in order to ensure that his girls remain secure?

Wonderfully wicked and deliciously dirty--yep, that's Blaine Wicked for you. The guy is used to getting his way, so when Reese Wilder comes along, he isn't quite sure what to make of the independent woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind or to inform him that just because he leads, she won't necessarily just follow. These two seemed like such opposites, but the more time they spent together and actually opened up to one another, the impact they had on each other was life-changing. There was such growth and dimension to these main characters, yet they also remained the truest versions of themselves throughout--dedicated, honorable, protective, and yes, wicked, even Reese, because who doesn't want to relish in that wicked side that they have? As for supporting characters, Melissa Foster has consistently provided readers with the kind that we can't help but grow attached to, and in this book, that was definitely Colette. She was such a standout, and I loved seeing how her relationship with her older sister evolved and how much promise she had within her. The romance is top-notch, the suspense just enough to ramp things up, and everything else is lovely icing atop this five-starred read that is His Wicked Ways.  


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Release Date: 08 November 2023

Date Read: 05 November 2023

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