Review: The Reclusive Mountain Man by Casey Cox (Movin' to the Mountains #3)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Neon Rainbow ARC Reviews.

The Reclusive Mountain Man is the third and final book in the Movin' to the Mountains trilogy penned by Casey Cox. This final go-around, we've got the eldest Duncan brother, forty-one-year-old Marsh, who works construction and is considered somewhat of a recluse by those in the town of Thickehead. His younger brothers and their partners, however, know just how much of a softy Marsh is. The only other person aware of that fact is his best friend, Tal Bellamy. The fifty-four-year-old has moved to Australia, but he's coming for a visit, and if there's anyone Marsh wants to share one particular secret with, it's Tal. The thing is, it looks like Tal has his own secret that he's been keeping for years, and he's more than ready to tell all with Marsh. Will this divulging of secrets end up affecting their twenty-year-long friendship, and will it be for the better or the worse?

I enjoyed the first two books, The Silent Mountain Man and The Curious Mountain Man, and because Marsh had been such a great, supportive older brother in both, I was looking forward to seeing him get his own happily-ever-after as well. The friends-to-lovers romance trope is one of my favorites, and the added twist of Tal having been in love with Marsh for some time and finally prepared to admit that fact while Marsh having his own tidbit ready to be made public--and by "public", I mean Tal--kept things interesting. The story plays out quite quickly, which was to be expected since this is more novella in length. I think the ending fit the story and characters perfectly, wrapping everything up nicely when it comes to the series ass well. Four stars for The Reclusive Mountain Man.

Release Date: 27 December 2023

Date Read: 26 November 2023

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