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Release Blast: The Guy in the Middle by Kate Stewart

The Guy in the Middle
(The Underdogs #3) by Kate Stewart Release Date: February 29, 2020
February 27, 2020 (early release)
About The Guy in the Middle I was born to play and bred to win.

My priorities were instilled in me early on—family and football. Those ideals led me to TGU and a coach whose ironclad principles mirrored my own.

With one last college season to play, my goal was singular—get drafted. By realizing my NFL dream, I could save my family, our ranch, and the only home I’d ever known.

Two birds, one ball.

Playing hard was my only option, but there’s always a wild card.

For all of my planning and hard work, I never anticipated falling for the coach's daughter. Harper was a fair catch, but who knew loving her could be the one play to throw my career before it started or that the weight of our secret would change the game.

This is book #3 of the Underdogs series but can be read as a stand-alone. Formerly published in Team Player 2 but is now a 107k full length novel with an ext…

Review: The Guy in the Middle by Kate Stewart (The Underdogs #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wordsmith Publicity.
“What if this moment, right here, is the moment that changes your life?”
From the moment I read Lance Prescott and Harper Elliott's story in the multi-author Team Player 2 anthology last year, I knew that their full-length novel would be one of my most anticipated reads for 2020. Now, here I am, more than seventy-two hours after having read The Guy in the Middle, I'm still in the midst of a days-long book hangover. Goodness but how this book got to me, what with it putting me through the emotional wringer and all. Just like the first two books in the Underdogs series--The Guy on the Right (Theo Houseman and Laney Cox) and The Guy on the Left (Troy Jenner and Clarissa Arden), respectively--this third and final story was extraordinary. However, there was just something...more about it. I don't know if I can properly explain what I'm talking about, but I remember mentioning in my review…

Release Day: For a Goode Time Call... by Jasinda Wilder

For a Goode Time Call... (Goode Girls #1) by Jasinda Wilder Release Date: February 28, 2020
About For a Goode Time Call...
The size of a Kodiak bear and covered in tattoos. A heart of gold, a rough and tumble past. Confident, powerful, gentle. Wise. Artistic. Deep wild brown eyes that see far deeper into me than they should.

Nothing in my life could ever have prepared me for the reality that is Ink Isaac. He’s just so much more than anyone I’ve ever met, and my instant, inexplicable, and undeniable attraction to him leaves me reeling.

But with my life recently turned upside down, the more time I spend around him, the more I realize I’m not even sure what my future looks like anymore—alI know for sure is, my heart and my body want him in it, even if my mind is saying something else.

* * * 
She's a tiny little thing, all hard edges and sharp wit. All woman, with slender curves and hypnotic eyes. She’s all fire and bravado, and she’s melting my big, bear-sized heart, little by little. I’…

Review: For a Goode Time Call... by Jasinda Wilder (Goode Girls #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.
I may have hesitated for a minute about reading the first book in Jasinda Wilder's new spin-off series, but that was solely due to the fact that I've yet to read her Badd Brothers series, which is what inspired this spin-off. Well, thank goodness I decided to bite the bullet and dive in anyway because if this series starter is the standard by which the rest of the books will be measured, then sign me up for every single one of the stories to follow. I've also added the original series to my never-ending to-be-read list because my curiosity is now lambasting me for not having read them sooner and I must rectify the error of my ways once my schedule permits or else suffer in humiliating silence.

Goode Girls kicks off with For a Goode Time Call... and we're introduced to Ink Isaac, a thirty-year-old artist and tattoo shop owner who's lived his entire life in Alaska, and Cassandra Goode, a twenty-two-year-o…

Book Spotlight: Prospect by L. Wilder

(Satan's Fury MC: Memphis #8) by L. Wilder Date Released: February 18, 2020
About Prospect She was a distraction I didn't know I needed.

I’d come to a point in my life where I no longer gave a damn about anything. Hell, things had gotten so bad I didn’t even care if I was alive or dead.

That changed when I was introduced to the world of Satan’s Fury—a world filled with danger, intrigue, and, most of all, brotherhood.

I wanted to be a part of that world. Hell, I craved it, so when they offered me a chance to prospect, I took it without question. I was determined to prove I was worthy of the Fury patch.

With the grueling demands of prospecting, I didn’t have time for distractions, but when I crossed paths with a beautiful damsel in distress, a distraction is exactly what I got.

The second I laid eyes on the sexy vixen, I knew I was fucked. Everything I wanted was on the line, but I couldn’t walk away.

When I came to her rescue, she thought I was a good guy, but she’d soon le…

Review: Prospect by L. Wilder (Satan's Fury MC: Memphis #8)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions.
We finally have the prospect's story! Okay, for the record, there's usually more than one prospect within the Satan's Fury motorcycle club, and there have certainly been a few notable ones; however, as of late, the one who's had my attention is the one who happened to be the nephew of the Ruthless Sinners MC's president. When he was a high school senior in Nashville, Clay Hanson made a choice that would forever change the trajectory of his life. As he continued to spiral out of control, his uncle decides to step in, handing Clay over to the Satan's Fury MC's Memphis chapter in hopes that being a prospect there will lead him to be more disciplined and have a firmer hold on his anger issues. He comes across social worker Landry Dawson when he spots her on the side of the road with an injured dog. They may not seem to have a whole lot in common, but there's…

Book Spotlight: Stolen Soulmate by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Stolen Soulmate (Crowne Point #2) by Mary Catherine Gebhard Date Released: February 27, 2020
About Stolen Soulmate There’s a rule in Crowne Hall: never look a Crowne in the eyes.
It protects us more than them.

I broke it once, the night Grayson Crowne mistook me for his true love and stole my first kiss. I’ve regretted it every day since.

He hates me.
He torments me.

He won’t let me go, because that night he whispered a secret against my lips not meant for me. Grayson Crowne, heir to the Crowne empire and notorious playboy prince is… a virgin.

I signed a contract in my heart’s blood as much as ink: help him get back his love, repair what I broke. Give him my body, my soul, my heart, let him use all of me, so when the time comes to marry her, he won’t need me.

I shouldn’t need him.
But he’s my stolen soulmate, and I’m at his mercy.

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