Review: Zombie Playlist by Kirsty Dallas

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions.

Zombie Playlist marks my first read from Kirsty Dallas, although I do have one or two of her earlier titles somewhere on my Kindle app, and it turned out to be a wholly entertaining and refreshingly creative read from this new-to-me author. This book isn't your typical romance, and yep, there's more to it than "just" romance. It's a hybrid of a slew of sub-genres, and somehow, Dallas makes it all work, thanks in large part to the fact that she gives readers an honest-to-goodness enticing story about a rock goddess, her awesome sister, and a no-nonsense former soldier merely trying to survive to get to their destination. I'm not going to give any other details, though. Sorry, no spoilers. You'll just have to do yourselves a favor and start reading the book as soon as you possibly can.

This isn't a mere mashing together of a variety of elements, tossed together like salad--good for your health but not overly appealing because it lacks flavor. This book? Yeah, it doesn't lack much of anything. I'm not going to get into any notes in terms of editing, since this was, after all, an advanced reader copy, and I'm assuming it went through the regular rounds of editing prior to being released. What I want to focus on is the fact that the author has written a great story that has originality and creativity and she's put together a core group of main characters that demand your attention and you find yourself becoming pretty damn emotionally invested in them. Kirsty Dallas's characters are far from perfect--well, maybe with the exception of Noah Summers--but she along with her sister Shiloh and protective Lawson Bishop will have you cheering them on till the end. 4.5 stars for Zombie Playlist. ♥

Date Read: 22 February 2020

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