Review: Slow Dancing by Stylo Fantôme

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.

“You feel 'incomplete' because you've been running away from the one thing that made you whole. We're good without each other, Logan. Maybe even great. I kept dancing, and you kept singing. But we're best when we're together. You body and your heart already know this – that's why we always danced so well together. That's why you wrote a song about us and put it out there for me to find. But now it's time for your brain to catch up with the rest of you.”

Stylo Fantôme does it again! This author knows just how to get to me, and her latest standalone release is yet another example of how well she grabs my attention and holds on to it till we get to that happily-ever-after. Slow Dancing is the story of Logan Cassidy, a singer whose star is on the rise, and a dancer named Woods Donahue who's about to make the move on her and changes her world forever. She's the good girl to his bad boy. Woods has notches on his bed post--or wherever he may fancy doing his, erm, notching--and he sure wouldn't mind if he and Logan added notches to each other's posts. But Logan isn't the type to become involved with someone like Woods, especially because they barely have anything in common. The best thing to do is to keep her distance, but how the heck does she do that when he happens to be a dancer on her tour? Will they dance around the simmering attraction between them and bow out or will they step up and become in tune to each other's feelings?

Ah, this book! It was so much more than I could have hoped it would be, and that's saying something considering I tend to have very high expectations when it comes to Stylo Fantôme's stories. I love that Woods was a guy who owned the fact that he loved sex and had no boundaries when it came to gender and sexuality. He not only opens Logan's eyes to things and experiences beyond her norm but encourages her to embrace and appreciate this version of herself that she would never even have believed existed. The main characters were deliciously complex and multi-layered and their situation was, to a certain degree, complicated. However, amidst all the angst--THE ANGST!!!--were the simplest of reminders: that true love is worth the risk and that as good as you are on your own, you could be truly great with the person you're meant to be with. It's only February and this book is already in the running as one of my favorite top reads for 2020. Go read and fall in love with Slow Dancing. Five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 21 February 2020

Date Read: 21 February 2020

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