Review: Breathless by Lex Martin (Texas Nights #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.

Lex Martin is back with the third novel in her Texas Nights series, and it's a friends-to-lovers romance with a bit of angst, enough to satisfy even an angst addict like me. Breathless is the story of twenty-two-year-old Josephine Grayson and twenty-six-year-old Logan Carter, best friends even after Logan's friendship with Joey's older brother, Silas, ended and bad blood between the families--albeit mostly on the side of the Graysons--ensued. Being each other's ride-or-die has always gone without saying, so Logan was confused and hurt when Joey upped and left without any word of explanation and headed for Florida, essentially ghosting him over the next few months. He knows, however, that she'll be back for his brother's wedding to one of her closest friends, and when Joey returns, Logan's going to make sure he gets answers. But how will he be able to handle facing a more grown-up version of his Jojo--the girl he calls "Bitsy"--and will Joey have the courage to confess her long-held feelings for Logan? Their friendship will soon change, leaving Logan wanting more or Joey needing to leave the best friend she loves behind.

It's been nearly a two-year wait for this final Texas Nights book, but Lex Martin made the wait worthwhile. Joey has her fair share of insecurities when it comes to Logan, what with her thinking that she's nothing like the girls that her best friend seems to be more drawn towards. I loved seeing her have firmer footing in terms of her interactions with Logan and that she gained more confidence as her relationship with him evolved. Now, as far as Logan was concerned, goodness but how this guy had a couple of heavy burdens on his shoulders. I had a feeling about what it was he was keeping from almost everyone, and my heart broke for him because I know how it is when you're either asked or choose to keep something under wraps. Trust me, it is NOT easy carrying a burden on your own. I adored both Logan and Joey and the connection they shared was one that obviously could withstand anything and everything that came it's way. I also loved that those of us who have read the first two books are able to keep tabs on the two other couples. Breathless gets five stars, and I can't wait for what's next from this author. ♥


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Release Date: 18 February 2020

Date Read: 16 February 2020

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