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Release Blitz: Shatter Me: A Phoenix Anthology

Shatter Me: A Phoenix Anthology by S.K. Graves, Lizzie James, Kelly Lord, Sunday Mathers, Crea Reitan, & Raven B. Stone Release Date: September 29, 2023 About Shatter Me: A Phoenix Anthology Loving a possessive alpha has never been so easy… In this MM romance, limited edition anthology, all the stories are written about a broody, possessive alpha. We all love a sexy alpha, right? A bad boy that will stop at nothing to make you theirs. In this anthology, you can enjoy a variety of stories ranging from college frat parties, sports romance and even a naughty priest. These authors and a mixed variety of genres will have you caught in a trap of want and need with each page and may even introduce you to some new authors. Features stories from: Crea Reitan Kelly Lord Lizzie James Raven B. Stone S.K. Graves Sunday Mathers Add S hatter Me: A Phoenix Anthology  on Goodreads . Purchase Links Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU (included with Kindle U

Release Blitz: Take Me to Church by Janice Whitaker

Take Me to Church (Sinners and Saints #1) by Janice Whiteaker Release Date: September 29, 2023 About Take Me to Church One year ago I walked away from everything I knew and all the lies I'd been told. For the first time in my life I was free from the constraints put on me by power hungry men who twist faith and devotion into fear and control. All to feed their own egos. Now my sister's ready to leave too, but the only one who can help me save her is a ghost from my past. One who's haunted my thoughts more than I'd like to admit. Christian was my older brother's best friend. He saved me countless times when I was a little girl, protecting me from the wrath of my unpredictable father when everyone else in the house turned a blind eye. Except Christian's no longer the lanky teenage boy from my memories. He's older. Darker. Deadlier. He's changed in ways I'm only beginning to understand. Ways that make me desperate for his touch. Ways that m

Book Spotlight: Black Hearted by Julie Ann Walker

Black Hearted (Black Knights Inc: Reloaded #2) by Julie Ann Walker Date Released: September 26, 2023 About Black Hearted He’s everything she ever wanted. She’s everything he never knew he needed. Can she convince him she’s the one? The Black Knights are back and better than ever! Samuel Harwood has spent his entire career working in the black and gray areas of international intrigue. Living in the shadows for so long has made him forget who he was and where he came from. Then a blast from the past, in the form of his ex-girlfriend’s kid sister, arrives on the front steps of Black Knights Inc, reminding him of everything he left behind. Except, she’s no longer a kid. And she’s in serious trouble. Hannah Blue has been in love with Sam Harwood since she was in braces. When someone sabotages her entire life, he’s the first person she turns to. She has critical information about a potential cyber-attack on the U.S. power grid that could end in catastrophic financial damage and loss o

Cover Reveal: Big Nick Energy by Lani Lynn Vale

Big Nick Energy by Lani Lynn Vale Release Date: December 19, 2023 About Big Nick Energy Big Nick Energy is a compilation of things that I’ve written as companion pieces to already published novels. Get updates on your favorite couples during COVID-19. These stories were written in the very first weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic. You’ll see some of your favorite couples as they navigate that time period. Their coping mechanisms to being locked down can be kind of…flamboyant. Somethin’ About That Boy : You’ll get some of the ‘rest of the story’ from Banner and Perry’s new life together far away from their family and friends. But don’t worry, big, rich, all grown up and famous Slone and Titus make appearances in their update. You’ll also get the story between Blue and Titus that you’ve been waiting for in Titus’s very own short story. But don’t despair, Viddy and Trance, as well as their kids, have their own Christmas story, too! Pre-Order Links Amazon  | Apple Books  | B

Cover Reveal: Playmaker by Avery Keelan

Playmaker (Top Shelf #1) by Avery Keelan Release Date: December 4, 2023 Cover Design: Andra Murarasu ( Andra M Designs ) About Playmaker Summer I know better than to fall for Gabriel Carter, notorious NHL playboy. Not only has he broken innumerable hearts during his seven years in LA, he's my boss—even if he does have a smile that leaves me weak in the knees, a body built for sin, and enough charm to melt my sundress clean off. So what if I swoon a little over the way he sings Everly to sleep every night he's not on the road? So what if he's deliciously protective and alpha-male over me whenever the paparazzi get too close? It doesn't mean anything... or does it? I try to tell myself it's just a job, but between the stolen kisses and blurry lines, playing house with him is starting to feel a little too real. Gabe Summer Crawford loves nothing more than putting me in my place. She's five feet, five inches of sweet southern sass—and temptation s

Cover Reveal: Watch Your Mouth by Kandi Steiner

Watch Your Mouth (Kings of the Ice #2) by Kandi Steiner Release Date: October 27, 2023 Cover Design: Kandi Steiner Photography: Cadwallader Photography / Utterly Unashamed About Watch Your Mouth My brother’s teammates know not to touch me—but that doesn’t stop me from daring Jaxson Brittain to be the first to break the rule. After one steamy night in Austin, I’m all too aware of the hot, broody defenseman with icy blue eyes and ink sprawling his muscular arms. He was the one my brother assigned to keep me safe—and I had far too much fun tempting him to be the one to put me in danger. It was just one night of tip-toeing the line, of teasing and flirting and messing around knowing nothing would ever come of it. But when the universe throws me back into his lap two weeks later and we end up on a secret road trip together, all bets are off. I can’t help but touch him. I can’t help but pray for him to touch me. And I can’t resist the temptation to test him at every turn. Jaxson i