Release Blitz: A Boy Called Rainbow by Robin Knight

A Boy Called Rainbow
by Robin Knight
Release Date: September 19, 2023

About A Boy Called Rainbow
Love comes in all colors…

Art evaluator Miles Tate is finally about to start living his dream… that is if he can get the funding in place to open his own art gallery in New York. But when an unexpected turn of events finds every one of Miles’ perfectly-planned dreams turned upside-down, it’s time to escape Manhattan and reluctantly take up a well-paid job in the tiny seaside town of Hope’s Bluff, Georgia. For Miles, it’s his only chance to make some money, claw back what little dignity he has left, and figure out what the hell to do with his life.

But evaluating the art collection of a deceased estate isn’t made easy by the grandson of the dearly departed in question. Indeed, the young man who calls himself Rainbow is a hot-tempered, hotter-than-hell artist whose secrets run deep and passions run raw. He is talented, troubled, tempestuous and deaf... and possibly the one person who can save Miles from his own heartache.

Can Miles finish the job he’s been paid to do… or will two opposites find that they have more in common than they first imagined? Can the pair of them find the strength in each other to rebuild their lives… or will the traumas of their pasts drive them both away? Will Miles turn his back on the handsome, hurt, artistic genius he’s stumbled upon… or will he finally find true love in the arms of A Boy Called Rainbow?

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An Excerpt from A Boy Called Rainbow
I stood at the foot of the staircase looking upward to the story above, terrified of what I was going to find up there.

With a gulp of fear—my heart thumping in my chest like Rainbow’s foot on the floorboards—I gripped the handrail and took one step up the staircase, then another. I found myself treading as quietly as I could, although I wasn’t sure why. The last thing I would want to do was take Rainbow by surprise. And yet I felt as though I needed to be as stealthy as possible, as though I was creeping up on an intruder, even though I was the one who was intruding.

Slowly the floor of the second story came into view.

I could see a hallway and three separate open doors which I assumed led into the bedrooms of the house.

I climbed farther up the stairs, my eyes searching for a passing shadow, a blur in the corner of my eye, the slightest hint of movement. I saw nothing and felt the need to announce my presence.


Still nothing.

I took the final step onto the floorboards at the top of the staircase.

I gave a sigh of relief that I hadn’t been met with any nasty surprises, when suddenly—

From out of the doorway adjacent to the top of the stairs—

A barefoot, half-naked young man— wearing nothing but a pair of jeans rolled up around his ankles and a silver chain around his neck—emerged from the bedroom and stopped three steps away from me. With an enraged look on his handsome face and colors smeared all over his chiseled torso like warpaint, he furiously stomped one foot then the other.

The sight of him shocked me so much that I teetered backward, my heels slipping off the edge of the top step.

I lost my balance.

The young man’s outraged expression turned quickly to panic.

I fell backward.

He reached forward.

I thought my life was about to flash before my eyes when his fist clutched the front of my shirt, and with all his might he pulled me toward him, away from the stairs.

It was a desperate, clumsy, lifesaving gesture that sent him reeling backward, falling through the doorway he had just come from, his hand still gripping my shirt as he pulled me down on top of him.

He hit the floorboards with a louder thud than any of his petulant stomping.

I crash-landed on top of him hard, hearing him wheeze as I knocked the wind out of him.

Quickly I fumbled to get back up again, my hands sliding over his pecs and abs as I realized the paint on his body was still wet. My fingers slipped on his warm skin, skating across his muscles. It made me even more frantic.

He gasped for air.

I rolled ungraciously off the top of him.

I pulled myself to my knees, then my feet, realizing my hands and shirt were now smeared with paint too.

With a cough and a splutter, the young man on the floor turned onto his side, then slowly pulled himself up, still wheezing for air.

I stood well back, although mindful to stay inside the room for fear of tumbling down those stairs.

As the young man regained his stance, the angry expression returned to his face. He gave me a furious grunt.

I held both hands up as if to indicate I didn’t want to fight… or die. “Look, I know we’ve got off on the wrong foot… quite literally… but I’m not here to cause you any harm or distress. Honestly, I just want to do my job and get out of here, which I’m sure is exactly what you want too.”

He said nothing in return. He simply kept glowering at me.

I was confused by his lack of response. “It’s Rainbow, right? I do have the correct address, don’t I?”

Still he said nothing.

That was when I realized those angry eyes of his were not looking into my eyes.

There were looking at my mouth.

Watching my lips.

The penny dropped. “Wait a minute… can you even hear what I’m saying?”

The young man gritted his teeth and stomped defiantly again.

My panic lifted and the veil of fear was pulled aside. “Oh my god, you’re deaf, aren’t you.”

About Robin Knight

Robin Knight is the author of gay fiction novels, novellas, and short stories, ranging in genre from gay adventure, gay romance, gay suspense, and gay comedies. The heroes of Robin's books love to spend their time jumping off the page, stumbling through misadventures, and falling in love.

Robin has worked in advertising, politics, journalism, and event management, but nothing is as fun as telling stories.

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