Review: P.S. I'm Still Yours by Eliah Greenwood

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wildfire Marketing.

"You ruined my life by not being in it, Hadley. So, yes, fucking apologize to me."

It's been a while since I've rated a book five-plus stars, but I'm not all that surprised that it's the newest book from Eliah Greenwood that's earned it. P.S. I'm Still Yours is in the same book universe as the author's Easton High series--which I was rather obsessed with--but it absolutely works as a standalone, so if you have yet to read the aforementioned series or are new to Greenwood's work, this latest release from her is an excellent one to dive into. All that being said, I really hope that this also serves as the first in a spin-off series because there are quite a few notable supporting characters that I wouldn't mind getting to know a whole lot better, and by "wouldn't mind" I mean "desperately need to".

The summer Hadley Queen turned fourteen, Kane Wilder, who was two years older and her twin brother's closest friend, gave her a first kiss to remember...then he promptly disappeared and ghosted her over the next five years, only making a brief appearance during the worst period of her life. So, when her mom tells her that they can't quite move into the condo she'd just signed a lease on, the last thing Hadley expects is for them to stay with Kane and his mom over the summer. He may be world-famous, award-winning singer-songwriter, but he's also the guy who walked away with nary a glance back. Spending the next few months with him will be absolute--and possibly delicious--torture.

The blurb of this book barely skimmed the surface of Hadley and Kane's story, which was angsty perfection, with slow burn feels that simmered and sizzled until these two main characters finally gave in to what's been brewing for years. There was such intensity when it came to Kane, but Hadley was no shrinking violet. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these two try to resist the pull between them, and when they couldn't ignore all those swirling feelings and emotions any longer? Talk about gratification guaranteed, and in an oh-so-satisfying way! And the twist? Heartwrenching! My expectations were high, and Eliah Greenwood unsurprisingly surpassed them. Five-plus stars go to P.S. I'm Still Yours.

Date Read: 23 September 2023

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