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Review: "Reciprocity" by K.I. Lynn

What began as Twilight -inspired fan fiction has become an addictive series with flawed characters that draw you in.  The Breach series by K.I. Lynn started with its eponymous first installment, followed by the novella Dissolution  and the second book,   Infraction .  And now, we finally have the third and final installment in this series that I love, Reciprocity , and let me tell you, it was worth the wait.  ^.^ After facing their individual issues, which were adversely affecting their relationship, and a long-awaited proposal, Nathan Thorne and Lila Palmer seem poised for their much-deserved "happily ever after".  Naturally, things aren't going to go as smoothly as either one of them hopes, what with having to deal with Lila's abusive past at the hands of her father, stepmother, and stepbrother, and Nathan being forced to finally confront the ghosts of his own heartbreaking past.  But my favorite dirty couple aren't going down without a fight and the

Review: "Breakable" by Tammara Webber

My very first review for this blog simply had to be for one of my most awaited book releases this year by one of my favorite authors: Breakable by Tammara Webber.  It was released on May 6th, 2014 in both digital and trade paperback editions.  My fellow Tammara Webber fans will have already fallen in love with her New York Times bestseller Easy  and its cast of characters, led by Landon Lucas Maxfield and Jacqueline Wallace.  I was given the trade paperback of Easy  by one of my dearest friends, Philip Mateo, as a "pasalubong" (a souvenir or gift while visiting a different city/province/country) since the paperback wasn't available here in the Philippines at the time.   Breakable  was also a "pasalubong" from my youngest sister, Nicole, because the paperback has yet to be released here.  Ah, don't you love it when you get books as gifts?  ^.^  But I've digressed... Breakable  by Tammara Webber is the second book in the Contours of the Heart ser


My name is Jen and I am a bookaholic.  I love to read them in my leisure time and I do edit them professionally.  I enjoy writing poetry and have tried my hand at writing short stories.  My dream is to become a published writer one day but for now, I'm filling up one of my notebooks with different story ideas. As far as reading books is concerned, I'll read almost anything and, like any other book lover, there are books that I like, books that I love, and books that I wish I could care about more than I actually do.  From suggesting and recommending books to family and friends, I decided to try my hand at posting reviews via Goodreads and I've actually had fun in the process! And now here we are.  I'm finally biting the bullet and creating a blog.  No, this isn't my first blog (I miss my LiveJournal account!) but it is the first that's book-related.  So, if you're just passing by and looking for book recommendations, be warned that I haven't really p