Review: "Reciprocity" by K.I. Lynn

What began as Twilight-inspired fan fiction has become an addictive series with flawed characters that draw you in.  The Breach series by K.I. Lynn started with its eponymous first installment, followed by the novella Dissolution and the second book,  Infraction.  And now, we finally have the third and final installment in this series that I love, Reciprocity, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait.  ^.^

After facing their individual issues, which were adversely affecting their relationship, and a long-awaited proposal, Nathan Thorne and Lila Palmer seem poised for their much-deserved "happily ever after".  Naturally, things aren't going to go as smoothly as either one of them hopes, what with having to deal with Lila's abusive past at the hands of her father, stepmother, and stepbrother, and Nathan being forced to finally confront the ghosts of his own heartbreaking past.  But my favorite dirty couple aren't going down without a fight and the manner in which they do was refreshing and unexpected.  ^.^

Naughty and raunchy Nathan is irresistible but sweet and romantic Nathan is just enchanting.  Le sigh.  ♥  The effort he puts into trying to make sure that he's everything Lila needs and wants and that he's able to protect her from both their pasts has put him on my list of top book boyfriends/husbands.  ^.^  And Lila?  She is definitely not some helpless girl needing some knight in shining armor to come and save her.  The girl can hold her own and she stands up for herself, for Nathan, and for the life they've created together.

Reciprocity has the same sensuality, suspense, and drama that its predecessors had and it wraps up the story of Nathan and Lila in a believable and satisfying manner.  I'm going to miss these two but I'm a happy fan of the series and would gladly recommend all the books to my fellow bookaholics out there.  This series is a keeper and Reciprocity gets five stars from me!  ^.^  

Date read: 14 June 2014

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