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Release Blitz: The Naked Fisherman by Jewel E. Ann

The Naked Fisherman (Fisherman #1) by Jewel E. Ann Release Date: September 30, 2021 About The Naked Fisherman USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jewel E. Ann returns with an addictive new adult romance about a young woman who discovers years of Sunday sermons didn't prepare her for the many lessons of the crude and sexy man who is now her boss. It's official. I'm eighteen and a young woman with endless possibilities on my way to reunite with my mom in Colorado after five years apart—she had a little weed incident in Nebraska. At the airport, she springs the news on me...she's leaving for a month of job training. And me? I'm left on my own in the basement she's renting from the fisherman, aka her landlord who lives upstairs. He's ten years older than me. Never wears a shirt. And makes it hard to remember all the things I learned at Christian Academy. Did I mention he's also my new boss? Read my 3.5-starred revie

Review: The Naked Fisherman by Jewel E. Ann (Fisherman #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Valentine PR. Originally part of Amazon's Kindle Vella program, which allows subscribers to read serialized stories, Jewel E. Ann decided to pull  The Naked Fisherman and release it as the first in a duet titled Fisherman . Now, the male main character is actually NOT a fisherman; rather, his name is Fisher Mann, and he happens to own Mann Construction, Inc. The story, however, is told from the sole point-of-view of the female protagonist, Theresa Capshaw, aka Reese, who is eighteen and has led a rather cloistered upbringing over the past five years or so. It's also been five years since she last saw her mother, who was convicted of a marijuana incident and any contact with her was discouraged by her late father and her paternal grandparents who saw her mother as a negative influence.  But now, Reese has decided to spend some time with her estranged mother in Colorado. Only her mother is heading off for job

Release Blitz: Wrath by Ella James

Wrath (Sinful Secrets #4) by Ella James Release Date: September 30, 2021 About Wrath It's true, I'm keeping secrets.  But I just found out one of his...  My new stepbrother is insufferable.  You'd think it wouldn't matter since I won't be here for long, but this guy gets under my skin like no one ever has. All-American, baby-faced, blue-eyed band dork and star soccer player. Everything about him is the picture of perfection—unlike me.  I don't think Do Gooder knows I'm starting senior year late. And he definitely doesn't know why. I've got secrets I'm taking with me to the grave. Everyone thinks I moved to my dad's small town to play varsity football, but I've got other plans, and DG's trying to thwart them all. He's making my life worse than it already is.  Having him around is a damn plague. But I can fight back.  I found out a little secret about Mr. Perfect. He plays for the "other" team. That ball bat he'

Cover Reveal: Meant to Be by Jennifer Probst

Meant to Be (Twist of Fate #1) by Jennifer Probst Release Date: April 19, 2022 Montlake About Meant to Be It's been two years since Chiara Kennedy lost her dearest friend, Rory. Chiara misses everything about her. Rory's widowed husband is another story. Sebastian Ryder is a man Chiara had secretly wanted, let slip away, and hoped to never see again. Then fate throws them together for an unexpected one-night stand and a morning after of new challenges. Sebastian had a soulmate in Rory. Shut down after his tragic loss he kept a cool distance from everyone, including Chiara with whom he once shared a deep if fleeting affection. That was over and done with a long time ago.  But when they meet again, old emotions resurface along with a heart-wounding past that haunts them both.  As Chiara and Sebastian grow closer, finally getting to know each other, Chiara struggles between feelings of guilt and those of a cherished second chance with Sebastian. Will Fate allow them

Release Blitz: Whirlwind by Cat Porter

Whirlwind (The Wind & the Roar #2) by Cat Porter Release Date: September 29, 2021 About Whirlwind On the final night of my band's sold out world tour my high life comes crashing down on me. Girlfriend. Band. Best friend. All of it. Blindsided, humiliated, pissed off, I take off and slam right into Violet. Years have gone by since that unexpected and explosive connection ignited between us. And now? It only burns brighter and hotter. Between us it’s soul-searing and wild, and I can’t get enough of her. And in an impressive twist of fate, she and I are connected in more ways than we know. The paparazzi are after me for one screw up after the other, the gossip hounds are circling like vultures, crazy rumors are swirling. But all I care about is Violet. I’ll do anything to make her mine. Beck obliterates all my musts, all my shoulds. And there are plenty. In his arms my haunted past fades away and suddenly anything is possible. Now he’s a huge rockstar, living the

Release Blitz: Crossed by the Stars by LJ Evans

Crossed by the Stars (Anchor Suspense #2) by LJ Evans Release Date: September 28, 2021 About Crossed by the Stars A heartfelt, star-crossed HEA with a protective French billionaire and the daring woman he can’t have that The BookLife Prize from Publisher's Weekly rates a 10/10! “We’re worth fighting for. A life full of love will always be worth it.” Dax Armaud has spent the last decade haunted by feelings for the one woman he can never be with. Family secrets mean just being seen with a Mori is a dangerous dance let alone dating one. But a desperate call sends him spinning back into Jada’s life, and now he can’t walk away without leaving half his soul behind. For years, Jada Mori fought the ties to her father’s world while healing a broken heart. She thought she’d finally escaped them both until a shadow creeps out of her past seeking retribution. When Dax shows up trying to protect her, she’s determined to send him away before her mistakes destroy them both. Fo