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eBook & Audio Review: The Way I Hate Him by Meghan Quinn, narrated by Vanessa Edwin & Teddy Hamilton (Almond Bay #1)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) and advance listener copy (ALC) were provided by the author. There's absolutely no hate when it comes to Meghan Quinn's brand-new series starter, The Way I Hate Him . I did one of my read and listen approaches with this first read from the Almond Bay  series, and suffice it to say that Quinn delivers a romance that had me shedding a few tears--both because of laughing a wee bit too much (if there is such a thing) and feeling all the feels when certain events happened. Vanessa Edwin and Teddy Hamilton didn't disappoint either, bringing to life the heart, heat, and humor of Quinn's latest romantic comedy. Hamilton has been a longtime favorite narrator, and Edwin is quickly joining those ranks as well. Combining Quinn's writing and Edwin and Hamilton's vocal styling made for highly enjoyable and memorable storytelling from start to finish. Hattie Rowley and Hayes Farrow went from two people who didn't have the highest opin

Release Blitz: Confessions: Chloé by Ella Frank

Confessions: Chloé (Confessions #9) by Ella Frank Release Date: July 31, 2023 About Confessions: Chloé Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead. ~ Lucille Ball Stubborn. Sassy. Wild Chloé Thornton-Priestley has lived a life most dream of. One that was nurtured with love, acceptance, and trust. Raised by three wonderful men, she is free-spirited  and has never let society's conventions tame her. Why would she, when she’s seen what beauty can come from an unconventional love? Life is good. She has her family. Her dream job. Her future is going exactly as planned. The last thing she is looking for is more men in her life. Her fathers and brother are enough. So no one is more surprised than Chloé to find out she has fallen in love with not one, but two of them. Ethan Holt and Zayne Copeland are exactly what she wasn’t looking for. Sexy, possessive, and protective, these two doms make her want

Release Blitz: Hello Doctor by Kelsie Hoss

Hello Doctor by Kelsie Hoss Release Date: July 28, 2023 About Hello Doctor The first time I see my high school crush since graduation, I’m a thirty-year-old woman laying on the table for a pap smear. He’s the hot, newly single doctor who just moved back to his hometown, hoping to find some stability for his daughter. Meanwhile, I’m a hot mess, just fired from my job and ousted from company housing. I’m living in my old bedroom and trying to get my appointments in before my insurance runs out along with what little is left of my money. That’s when Fletcher tells me we may be able to help each other out. He needs a live-in nanny for his daughter over the summer, and the last three have quit after a day. With no other job options in my small hometown, I quickly accept. After all, I’ve dealt with pigheaded, balding middle managers. I can handle an eight-year-old girl . . . right? If I can’t help her and set aside my feelings for this hot single dad, I’ll need to find a new

Release Blitz: The London Chance by Lane Hayes

The London Chance by Lane Hayes Date Released: July 25, 2023 About The London Chance Two strangers, an online dating app, and a chance at forever… Chance After months of online correspondence with a sexy businessman, we’re finally meeting in person—in London, no less! Okay. It’s a casual meet-up. Nothing to get excited about. I fully understand that online connections don’t always translate in person. Roman could be pompous or worse…boring. Wish me luck! Roman Dinner with my online “friend” doesn’t go well. I shouldn’t be disappointed. That’s life. But just as I’m ready to write our peculiar acquaintanceship off, Chance turns up unexpectedly at a karaoke bar. Don’t ask what I’m doing there. I have no idea. However, I don’t mind at all. It feels like the universe is giving us a cosmic redo. Sure, Chance lives in California and my home is in the UK now, but this feels like the real thing. Something worth taking a chance on. A forever chance. The London Chance is a

Release Blast: Scoreless Nights by Katie Rae

Scoreless Nights (Miami Inferno FC #2) by Katie Rae Release Date: July 28, 2023 About Scoreless Nights "I knew I wouldn’t be strong enough to resist her anymore." Our parents wanted us to spend quality time together, but I’m not sure this is what they meant…. Cruz As the goalie of the Miami Inferno FC, it was my job to keep everyone scoreless. So how did I end up being the one that couldn’t score? The answer: Lily Harris. My step sister, and apparently my new roommate. My dad thought I could keep an eye on her and protect her while she was in Miami. But Lily and I weren’t exactly one big happy family. There was a reason I had barely spoken to her since the day our parents got married—a secret I would never tell. Admittedly, having her there wasn’t so bad, though. Not once we worked out a few issues. She even agreed to help me out and be my fake date to a dinner. But that night changed everything. My scoreless nights were over. I just had to hope ou

Release Day: On the Shore by Laura Pavlov

On the Shore (Cottonwood Cove #3) by Laura Pavlov Release Date: July 27, 2023 About On the Shore He’s the GOAT of the NFL. She’s a hot-headed reporter who despises him. They’re in the same small town for the summer. What could possibly go wrong? I'm more than aware of the responsibilities that come with being a quarterback in the NFL. The upside—I get to do what I love every day, which is play football. And I make more money than I know what to do with. The downside—everyone wants a piece of me, and the press stalks me ruthlessly. And one reporter in particular, Brinkley Reynolds, has crossed a line. So yeah, I have her escorted out of the press conference. Imagine my surprise when the same woman walks into the coffee shop in the small town where I’ve gone to get some privacy for the summer. I accuse her of stalking me. She calls me every name in the book before proceeding to make me feel very unwelcome in Cottonwood Cove. Her hometown. The place where she tucked tail and ra