eBook & Audio Review: The Way I Hate Him by Meghan Quinn, narrated by Vanessa Edwin & Teddy Hamilton (Almond Bay #1)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) and advance listener copy (ALC) were provided by the author.

There's absolutely no hate when it comes to Meghan Quinn's brand-new series starter, The Way I Hate Him. I did one of my read and listen approaches with this first read from the Almond Bay series, and suffice it to say that Quinn delivers a romance that had me shedding a few tears--both because of laughing a wee bit too much (if there is such a thing) and feeling all the feels when certain events happened. Vanessa Edwin and Teddy Hamilton didn't disappoint either, bringing to life the heart, heat, and humor of Quinn's latest romantic comedy. Hamilton has been a longtime favorite narrator, and Edwin is quickly joining those ranks as well. Combining Quinn's writing and Edwin and Hamilton's vocal styling made for highly enjoyable and memorable storytelling from start to finish.

Hattie Rowley and Hayes Farrow went from two people who didn't have the highest opinion of each other but were crazy attracted to a couple figuring out how to be in a relationship amidst family drama and trust issues. I loved the character development, especially when it came to them coming to terms with the crossroads in their lives and where their journey as individuals and as a couple would take them next. Because this is the first in a series, I'm assuming (although you know what they say about people who assume) at least two more books, one for Ryland and another for Aubree, Hattie's older siblings. Then there's Abel, Hayes' and Ryland's closest friend, and Maggie, Hattie's bestie. In short, I'm going to need all their stories, and I'll be sitting here waiting (im)patiently, however long each one takes to be released. The Way I Hate Him easily garners five stars.

Release Date: 01 August 2023

Date Read and Listened to: 30 July 2023

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