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Review: "The Last True Vampire" by Kate Baxter (Last True Vampire #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Mikhail Aristov is the last of his race, the last of the Originals. He may be king of the vampires but without the ability to turn dhampirs into true vampires, his race ends with him. He remains soulless and untethered, merely existing after having survived the near annihilation by the Sortiari and their berserkers...that is, until he encounters a woman who calls to him like no other woman ever has in his centuries on earth. With her, he suddenly feels alive, but how could this human make he feel something that was never thought possible between the likes of him and her? Before he can delve further, she disappears and Mikhail knows one thing for certain: he must find this woman--his mate--and claim her.
Claire Thompson is, for all intents and purposes, a hustler. She's tried to keep to the straight and narrow path, but desperate times call for desperate measures and she needs a bi…

Review: "Days Like This" by Danielle Ellison (Landslide #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by Patchwork Press Cooperative via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
When Cassie Harlen left her small town nearly a year ago, she had no plans of returning anytime soon. After all, she turned her back on her mother, her fiancé, and the only life she ever knew in order to create a new version of herself and not have to think about why she left. But when a phone call from her ex-boyfriend informs her that her mother has been rushed to the hospital after she tried to burn down their family home, Cassie packs her bags, leaves school, and heads back home. She's pretty sure she's going to be met with a less than welcoming reception upon her arrival but she does what she has to for her mother, even if it means having to finally come face-to-face with the only boy she's ever loved--Graham Tucker.
Graham's world imploded when Cassie left in the middle of the night eleven months ago and even when he tracked her down, she simply returned the…

Review: Cold Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff (Huntress/FBI #3)

Note: This ebook was provided by Thomas & Mercer via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
The moon is waxing. December moon. Cold Moon. Through the windshield, she watches it rise in the sky, bathing the hills in icy light, illuminating the long, slow serpent crawl of trucks in the far lane. So clear, what it was saying to her now, and it is not hard to find what she needs.
Mass murderer and massacre survivor Cara Lindstrom has been arrested and is awaiting trial and while the man whose life she saved he knows he should keep his distance, Special Agent Matthew Rourke of the Federal Bureau of Investigation can't stop his thoughts from turning to her, going so far as to visit her in jail. He tries to separate his personal feelings from his professional duties, but when new murders occur and everything about them has Cara's signature all over it, Rourke knows things are about to go off-kilter. With the only witness for the prosecution disappearing and Cara's lawyer as…

Review: Blood Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff (Huntress/FBI #2)

Note: This ebook was provided by Thomas & Mercer via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
The pain and pills have kept her deadened, have dulled the whispers of the moon. But the pain is receding and the next moon is growing, and it is talking to her. At the beginning of her dark journey, and old Native American man had taught her that every moon has a name. This month is Blood Moon. She will listen and wait for the signs.
FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke is still searching for Cara Lindstrom--his huntress--the only living witness to the massacre of her family at the hands of the Reaper and now one of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's most wanted. He's keeping an eye out for her, for personal and professional reasons, but she's also keeping eye on him, both of them still tethered to one another. The last he saw of her was after he saved her after being shot by members of a Mexican human slavery ring. When new massacres begin to crop up and evidence points to a …

Review: Huntress Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff (Huntress/FBI #1)

Note: This ebook was provided by Thomas & Mercer via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Roarke stood silent, feeling a roller coaster of adrenaline. He didn't know what it meant but it sure as hell didn't sound good. Snyder looked pensive. "The native Americans call the October full moon Hunter's Moon." His mouth quirked in an expression that was not quite a smile. "Perhaps the blue moon is the Huntress Moon." Roarke had an uneasy feeling that he was right.
FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke may be the head of the Criminal Organizations division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation but he finds himself with no other choice but to return to his investigative roots as a member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit or BAU when a he's confronted by an unknown subject or unsub who is as rare as they come--a female serial killer. With the help of his team and his mentor, Roarke tries to profile the individual killing men with a straight razor and the …

Review: "Beyond the Cut" by Sarah Castille (Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Dawn Delgado is more than familiar with how things work for a woman involved with someone in the motorcycle club or MC world. She was once married to the vice president of the Devil's Brethren MC and endured his abuse until he decided to turn on their twin daughters, making her realize it was time to leave. Unfortunately, her ex-husband punished her by gaining custody of the very daughters he never wanted nor cared for after Dawn was wrongly accused of being a drug addict. Now, she lives for the handful of hours a week she gets with her girls, often having to pay her sister-in-law, with whom the children reside, money just so she can have much more time with them. 
Apart from her multiple jobs in order to stay financially afloat and trying to regain custody of her daughters, Dawn doesn't have time for any man--especially when the man happens to be Cade O'Connor, treasurer …

Review: "Rough Justice" by Sarah Castille (Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club #1)

Being the president of what could be considered Montana's most feared and most prominent motorcycle club, Jagger Knight knows the kind of sacrifices that are necessary for the brotherhood that he considers family. He's already lost one woman he loved at the hands of a rival club and refuses to make any commitment to someone else, knowing that his position would put her at risk. But when the Sinner's Tribe clubhouse is burned by members of the Black Jacks, an MC they have a violent and tenuous history with, and the unconscious individual they seem to have left behind happens to be a woman, Jagger finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her beauty and then her feisty and flirtatious nature. 
With her father being the president of the Black Jacks, Arianne Hunter is more than familiar with MC culture. For years, she's been trying to find a way to escape the world she's grown to dislike immensely and to get away from the man whose clutches cost her mother her life and her …

Review: "Descent" by Tara Fuller (Kissed by Death #3)

Note: This ARC was Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
Easton and Gwen are as different as can be, and it isn't just limited to his being a reaper for Hell and her being an angel in Heaven. He's the dark to her light and she's brings peace to the chaos that still lives within him. Even though everyone around them says they should stay as far away from one another as they should, Gwen sees something in Easton that makes her want to reach out and help him, to bring him the joy that she brings everyone else she comes in contact with. On the other hand, Easton believes he deserves to be living the kind of afterlife he has because of the things he did while alive. He doesn't deserve someone like Gwen...But Gwen has always followed her heart and it's leading her to Easton.
When Gwen's father, Balthazar, the ruler of all reapers, decides that maybe it's time for his daughter to see what darkness truly means and, upon Gwen's insistence, assig…

Review: "Blurred" by Tara Fuller (Kissed by Death #2)

Cash should be dead. He knows it in his heart. There was no escaping the fire that consumed his best friend Emma's home, but somehow, he and Emma are still alive. though he feels as if he's barely even doing that. He's haunted by dark shadows that appear to be lying in wait for him. He also feels there's someone else watching over him, a different kind of entity that brings light and peace his way. Could she have had something to do with why he's still alive and is she what Emma's new boyfriend Finn used to be--a reaper? Now, he has feelings for her that he's never had for anyone else...except, maybe, one certain person.
Anaya was simply doing what she was told. Balthazar, the ruler of all reapers, gave her a directive and, in exchange, she would finally get what she's been working toward for centuries--to cross over and be with her loved ones, especially the only man she's ever loved and was engaged to prior to his death, Tarik. Even though what B…

Review: "Inbetween" by Tara Fuller (Kissed by Death #1)

It's been two years since Emma lost her father in the very same car accident that she survived, and in that same span of time, she's haunted by things she can't explain, as if death has been shadowing her since then. If only she knew how right she was, because one of death's representatives, a reaper, has, indeed, been keeping watch over her since helping her make it out of the car. But he isn't the only one keeping tabs on Emma, and while her guardian reaper wants her to be safe and sound, the lost soul after her has only one thing on her mind: vengeance.
Being a reaper for as long as he has, Finn knows that there are rules to be followed. He broke those rules for a soul named Allison and making sure she got to be re-born and live once again brought upon Finn the displeasure of the one in charge, Balthazar. It also stirred the wrath of Maeve, the soul who was on the list to be re-born and whose slot was taken by Allison, courtesy of Finn. Now, Maeve has her chanc…

Review: "Olivia Christakos and Her Second First Time" by Dani Irons

Note: This ARC was provided by Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Olivia Christakos has no clue who she is, having woken up from a coma after suffering injuries after a car struck her head-on. She's surrounded by her parents, younger sister, and boyfriend Wyatt Rosen, but she doesn't feel any affinity to any of them. As she tries to recover from physically and mentally, Olivia is beginning to wonder what kind of person she was and what kind of life she led prior to her accident. Wyatt is giving her mixed signals, leaving her unsure about certain details he gives her about their five-year relationship.
When her memory suddenly returns, Olivia needs to figure out if she wants to go back to being the girl she once was, aimlessly floating as life passes her by, or if she's finally ready to grow up and take responsibility for her actions and begin to become the young woman with a life filled with possibilities. Whichever path she chooses, she's going…

Review: "A Question of Counsel" by Archer Kay Leah (The Republic #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by Less Than Three Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Aeley Dahe is the Tract Steward of Kattal, a position she won over her brother Allon, who then went on to attack one of the villages in a supposed show of force. Defeated and arrested, Aeley is now called by the High Council to bear witness to her brother's crimes. While there, she is informed by a Councilman that her late father arranged a marriage for her to a member of the Grand Family of Derossa. Aeley is less than thrilled, not wanting to be forced into a marriage of convenience and wishing that she could choose Lira instead, sister to Aeley's Derossa suitors and her new scribe to whom she is drawn.
But Aeley's attention isn't solely on finding a spouse, not with seemingly random acts of violence occurring in Kattal. She must find out what's triggering the attacks and who could possibly be behind them. Her suspicions immediately land on her brother Allon, but cou…

Review: "Give Up the Ghost" by Kelly Moran (Phantoms #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
Being part of the Phantoms team for the past five years has given investigator and emphatic Kerry Baker a sense of family and purpose, something she never felt with her own kin. She's experienced a lot of paranormal sightings in the past but when she sees her doppelgänger staring at her from across the street of her apartment, she's shaken to her very core. She calls the one person she's always leaned on--her best friend and Phantoms historian and lead researcher Paul Leake. He makes her feel safe and secure, but the continuing appearances by her doppelgänger and learning what they may symbolize now has her on edge.
From the day they first met, Paul Leake has had feelings for his best friend Kerry Baker, but he's kept those feelings under wraps, believing someone as beautiful as Kerry could never be interested in someone like him. Their friendship also means too much to both of them, …

Review: "Ghost of a Promise" by Kelly Moran (Phantoms #1)

Upon the passing of her beloved great aunt, Ava Trumble finds out that the mansion that's been bequeathed to her has one very interesting stipulation: she needs to find out what happened to a young woman named Sarah Kerrick who was in love with Peter Trumble, one of Ava's forefathers, and must provide evidence of her findings. Ava then contacts Phantoms, a popular television show that investigates stories and reports of paranormal activity in different locations. She hopes they'll be able to help her learn more about Sarah Kerrick's mysterious disappearance and whoever may have behind whatever befell her.
In all his years with Phantoms, lead investigator Jackson Granger has never been as affected by someone as he is by Ava Trumble. There's an instant and inexplicable connection that he feels toward her, almost as if he's known her all his life. Ava may pretend she isn't affected by Jackson's good looks and British accent, but she is and when she learns…

Review: "The Hookup Hoax" by Heather Thurmeier

Note: This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Sawyer Sterling has a pretty good life: he's got a business he worked hard to make successful, he has grandparents who took him in after his parents died and loved him unconditionally, and he's got a good set of friends. The one thing missing is a girl to call his own but that's never bothered him before...that is, until his grandparents find themselves in the middle of choosing between him and his cousin on who to leave their beloved cabin to. His cousin likes to portray the role of family man, with a wife and a baby on the way, and Sawyer feels the only way he can compete with that is by finding someone to play his girlfriend, just to convince his grandparents he deserves the cabin that holds cherished family memories.
Olivia Morgan is back in the U.S. to finally plant some roots and call one place home. When her brother's best friend, Sawyer Sterling, offers her a job…

Review: "The Wedding Hoax" by Heather Thurmeier

It's been about a year since wedding dress designer Daisy Willows and wedding magazine magnate Cole Benton ended their relationship. They wanted different things--she a happily-ever-after with a husband, children, and a dog; he a happily-right-now with the only girl who's been with him longer than any other before her. Now, they find themselves forced together by a savvy businessman with an unconventional plan to give them what they both want--publicity and more revenue for their respective floundering businesses. The man wants them to become engaged and involve the public in planning their fake wedding.
While Daisy and Cole both acknowledge that the fake engagement is a crazy plan, they both really need the financial influx to help keep their business afloat. However, spending so much time together brings Daisy's buried feelings for Cole to the surface and Cole finds himself feeling things he never thought were possible for a confirmed bachelor like him. Daisy has alread…

Review: "Finally His Bride" by Maisey Yates (Montana Born Brides #4)

Note: This ARC was provided by Tule Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Melanie Richards is tired of being in the protective bubble she's been living in for years. It's time to break out of it and finally give up her v-card. When one of her closest friends decides to mess up her plans, she finds herself pissed...until he offers himself up. She's always had feelings for Luke Shuller, but he's never seen her as anything more than a friend. She sure as heck doesn't want him taking pity on her or being the overprotective friend he's always been, and she can't help but think those are the reasons behind his offer.
Luke Shuller has never lived up to the expectations his parents have set for him and he's used to being a disappointment. He's also in the middle of keeping an eye on his sister and trying to keep her as far away from his former best friend and former business partner as possible. But when he discovers Melanie Richards is…