Review: "Finally His Bride" by Maisey Yates (Montana Born Brides #4)

Note: This ARC was provided by Tule Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Melanie Richards is tired of being in the protective bubble she's been living in for years. It's time to break out of it and finally give up her v-card. When one of her closest friends decides to mess up her plans, she finds herself pissed...until he offers himself up. She's always had feelings for Luke Shuller, but he's never seen her as anything more than a friend. She sure as heck doesn't want him taking pity on her or being the overprotective friend he's always been, and she can't help but think those are the reasons behind his offer.

Luke Shuller has never lived up to the expectations his parents have set for him and he's used to being a disappointment. He's also in the middle of keeping an eye on his sister and trying to keep her as far away from his former best friend and former business partner as possible. But when he discovers Melanie Richards is trying to hook up with a random anyone, he steps in. He's offering to help her out because that's what real friends do. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with pesky things like feelings...right?

Finally His Bride, written by bestselling author Maisey Yates, is the fourth book in the multi-authored Montana Born Brides and takes place around the same time as the events in the third book, Bride by Mistake by Nicole Helm. The two books are connected so I recommend that they be read in order so that the situation with Kaitlin Shuller and Beckett Larson, Luke Shuller's younger sister and his best friend, respectively, makes sense and can be put into proper context with what's going on with Luke here.

I'm going to be honest and admit that I did NOT like Luke in the third book because he came off as an absolute jerk when it came to Beckett. My opinion of him does improve a bit in this fourth book because now there's back story, but I still wish there was more of an effort to make amends with Beckett and that there was an actual apology for his terrible behavior. But okay, he wasn't such an evil guy, after all, and I'm glad he had someone like Melanie to help him see it was time to get his head out of his you-know-where.

This was a pretty fast read but it didn't feel overly rushed, especially since the events surrounding Luke and Melanie stemmed from the fact that they appeared to have feelings for one another for quite some time now, though Melanie was more aware of her own than Luke was of his for her. The author deserves kudos because she actually got me to not hate a character I had very negative feelings for before. If you're looking for a quickie this weekend, give Finally His Bride a whirl. I'm giving this fourth book four stars. ♥

Release Date: 25 May 2015

Date Read: 20 May 2015

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