Review: "His Blushing Bride" by Dani Collins (Montana Born Brides #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by Tule Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

It's no secret that Piper Tierney's parents have always been generous when it comes to offering their home and hospitality to people they meet while traveling. So, it shouldn't really have come as a surprise to Piper when they inform here that someone they met will be staying in the house with her in Marietta. The last thing she needs right now is to keep tabs and entertain yet another backpacking hippie her parents have taken pity on, but when Piper comes face to face to Sebastian Bloom, she realizes he's surprisingly different from all the other house guests who have come a-knockin' on their family home's front door. 

Bastian Bloom can’t help but notice the beautiful daughter of the two people he met while traveling and who invited him to stay in their home since he was headed for Marietta, Montana to attend his sister’s wedding. He no longer believes in love but he can’t deny his attraction to Piper Tierney and when they both agree to pursue a temporary affair, the last thing he wants to do is hurt her, a possibility that she reassures will not happen because they’re going into it with eyes wide open. But when the connection proves to be more than fleeting, will either of them really be prepared to simply walk away in the end?

His Blushing Bride by Dani Collins is the second book in the multi-authored Montana Born Brides series from Tule Publishing. This was a sweet contemporary romance about two people, Bastian Bloom and Piper Tierney, who may not appear to have a lot in common but decide to enter a short-term fling while Bastian is in town for his sister's wedding. Piper hasn't had much experience with men and Bastian is more than happy to show her what she's been missing. He's been burned once before and refuses to allow himself to be in a situation where that could happen again but he doesn't count on what develops between him and Piper. There were a couple of points in the story that were rather heartbreaking but you never lose hope that the two main characters will realize that what they have could, indeed, be the real thing.

Piper was oftentimes a tad too naive but she wasn't some cowering wallflower either and voiced out her opinion now and again, something that I think the usually cocky Bastian found fascinating and was part of the reason he was attracted to her. I felt more of the connection between the two of them in the latter half of the story. This book does include characters from the author's past books, one of which, The Bachelor's Baby, I read a few months ago, so it was nice to "catch up" with those characters featured from before. However, this can still be read and appreciated on its own, in terms of both the current multi-authored series it's part of and the other inter-connected titles written by Dani Collins, but when it comes to books, I still believe the more, the merrier. ^.^ His Blushing Bride was an enjoyable read and it gets four stars. ♥

Release Date: 11 May 2015

Date Read: 11 May 2015

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