Review: "Dangerous Flirt" by Avery Flynn (The Laytons #2)

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Dry Creek's very own Sheriff Hank Layton has had a thing for his sister's best friend since he was twenty-two and other than a very close call, he hasn't really been able to act on his feelings for her. After divorcing his manipulative ex-wife, Hank's limited his encounters with women to meaningless rendezvous. But he knows that if he ever did decide to go after Beth Martinez, it would be more than a fling. The feelings are obviously mutual but he can't understand why Beth refuses to have anything to do with him, and after years of being made a fool of by his ex-wife, Hank's not sure if he should simply let Beth go or if he should show her that things between them could be everything they have ever dreamed of and more.

After the death of her parents and grandparents, Beth Martinez has no other family to speak of, and now the possibility of having any children of her own is non-existent after undergoing a hysterectomy. As much as she wants to say "yes" to Hank Layton's pursuit of her, she knows of his dreams of having a family of his own and not being able to give that to him forces her to keep her distance even if she's always loved him. But with someone moving from idle threats to potential physical harm, Beth is forced to turn to Hank and hopes that they'll be able to figure out who it is that's after her and why they seem to desperately want her out of the picture. Will it take the possibility of losing Hank to make Beth finally hold on to him?

Dangerous Flirt is the second book in the Avery Flynn- penned Laytons series and was previously released under the title Seduction Creek in 2012. This time around, we have the eldest Layton sibling, Dry Creek County Sheriff Hank Layton, and Claire Layton's best friend, lawyer Beth Martinez. I've always enjoyed stories that revolve around falling for your sibling's best friend/best friend's sibling and this book adds a suspense thriller touch to it, so there's a definite feeling of danger that seems to hound Hank and Beth. When you realize just how long these two have had feelings for each other, it may appear to be a really slow burn, but I get why Hank was hesitant to start anything years ago and same with Beth now, but once Hank set his mind on finally pursuing Beth, I'm glad there wasn't this immediate jumping into bed. There was some thought on both their parts before finally giving in to the fact that they were meant to be.

I found myself thinking about what I would do if I were in the same situation as Hank. Would I be able to live without the lifelong dream of having children of my own but be with the person I dreamed of having those children with or vice-versa? And I wholeheartedly agree with the choice Hank made in the story. I like books that make you pause and think because then it isn't mindless entertainment. There's a bit more drama in this second book compared to the first one but the suspense and heat is still very much at par with its predecessor. There's a bit of overlap that happens between the two books but they can both be read as standalones, though I always recommend that books in a series be read in order so you don't feel like you're missing anything or to just give you a bit more back story. Two books down and one more to go (but what about the other brother?!) and it's been a fun ride so far. Dangerous Flirt gets four stars. ♥

Re-release Date: 18 May 2015

Date Read: 18 May 2015

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