Review: "Rough Justice" by Sarah Castille (Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club #1)

Being the president of what could be considered Montana's most feared and most prominent motorcycle club, Jagger Knight knows the kind of sacrifices that are necessary for the brotherhood that he considers family. He's already lost one woman he loved at the hands of a rival club and refuses to make any commitment to someone else, knowing that his position would put her at risk. But when the Sinner's Tribe clubhouse is burned by members of the Black Jacks, an MC they have a violent and tenuous history with, and the unconscious individual they seem to have left behind happens to be a woman, Jagger finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her beauty and then her feisty and flirtatious nature. 

With her father being the president of the Black Jacks, Arianne Hunter is more than familiar with MC culture. For years, she's been trying to find a way to escape the world she's grown to dislike immensely and to get away from the man whose clutches cost her mother her life and her brother his peace and sobriety. When she finds out that her brother has been tasked by her father to burn down the clubhouse belonging to the Black Jacks's number one rival MC, the Sinner's Tribe, Arianne heads over to try and stop him, only to wake up later on under the watchful eye of the club president, Jagger Knight. It's the beginning of an undeniable attraction and a fascination they both share toward one another.

When Jagger finds out who Arianne's father is, some of his brothers can't help but wonder if she's being used as a ploy to distract him while the Black Jacks plan their attack. Learning more about Arianne and the kind of life she led with the Black Jacks, Jagger sees that she doesn't want to have anything to do with them. With rumblings from a rival vying for the club's presidency and his own history with having a woman he cared about killed by their enemies, he's not sure where his relationship with Arianne is headed. Even with her feelings continuing to grow, Arianne is still adamant about leaving town, but is she prepared to leave her heart behind and, quite possibly, breaking Jagger's heart as well?

Rough Justice is the first novel in the Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club series by bestselling author Sarah Castille and is a refreshing change from her MMA-themed novels, which I quite enjoyed reading in April of this year. There's no denying that motorcycle clubs or MCs have a reputation of being more than just rough and tumble. Violence and lawlessness are two qualities that are often attached to these groups, especially those that are called "one-percenters" or the one percent of MCs that do not abide by the law. In this book that introduces readers to the Sinner's Tribe MC, the members come as they are and make no apologies. Yes, they do things that are above the law and most of them sleep with multiple women, but they are a cut above the rest of the MCs in their area. They aren't necessarily overly romanticized, but their treatment of women is better compared to the other clubs mentioned in this book, as well as other MC-themed books, and its sequel, which I read soon after finishing this one. 

Jagger Knight and Arianne Hunter were lead characters that were perfectly suited for one another. They were both strong and resilient, having experienced their own respective shares of pain and loss. Neither try to show it but there is an air of vulnerability that's there, one that is more exposed once they become a couple and fall in love with one another. They're both loyal to those they choose to let in to their lives and those they consider family. I liked that they were able to stand their ground when necessary, showing that they had integrity, but were still able to remain somewhat flexible with each other without having to give up their principles and values. Admittedly, there were a few times that I felt Arianne was making the wrong choices, but then there really wouldn't be much of a story if there weren't things that would bring about conflict, right? Jagger is officially one of my favorite fictional bikers, because how can you resist a hot guy who's as alpha as it gets and yet has a big heart and loves his girl and brothers?

More often than not, I enjoy MC romances, remembering only once where I read a book and was turned off by the lead characters and the story line. Bikers are often thought of as the ultimate bad boys but I always like my male lead characters who are such to have a heart as well as some semblance of good in them. From this first book alone, I can see that the Sinner's Tribe MC has members who fit the bill, making me look forward to future installments, especially since there's a fair number of them who deserve to have their own stories told. This book wasn't just about Jagger and Arianne; it was also about the Sinner's Tribe MC. Jagger and Arianne's love story was complicated and definitely kept me on my toes in terms of the twists and turns involved, though I did figure out who the rat was early on, but there was a resolution, one that I was happy with. Regarding the MC, their rivalry with the Jacks has no end in sight and will be an interesting story arc. Rough Justice was a worthwhile read and gets five stars! ♥

Date Read: 24 May 2015

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