Review: "Room for More" by Beth Ehemann (Cranberry Inn #2)

In a matter of a few months, Brody Murphy has shown Kacie Jensen that taking a chance on being with him is well worth the risk. They're happy and in love and Brody's an amazing father figure to Lucy and Piper, Kacie's twin daughters. With their relationship doing well, both Brody and Kacie are busy working on their respective careers. She's starting her externship at the emergency room of a nearby hospital, bringing her closer to finishing her nursing degree; he's in the middle of a contract year, meaning he could be given a new contract by the Minnesota Wild or he could be traded, something he doesn't want since he would much prefer to be with his home state's team and remain in Minnesota with Kacie and the Twinkies.

Then the unexpected happens: Kacie comes face to face with Zach, her ex-boyfriend and Lucy and Piper's father, quickly realizing that he works as an emergency medical technician at the same hospital she's externing at. He's as surprised as she is but decides to take his chances and asks to be a part of his daughters' lives. Kacie is angry and confused but doesn't tell Brody about Zach, a decision that those closest to her believe is a mistake. Kacie doesn't want to rock the boat, knowing that their relationship is still in its early stages and she doesn't want to add to his burdens, especially it being a contract year. But when her past and present finally collide, will her heart be able to survive the consequences of her actions?

One of the best things about becoming aware of the Cranberry Inn series as late as I did was that the books were all available and they were on sale for ninety-nine cents each. Who doesn't love a 99-cent book sale, right? I didn't have to languish in the hell that is the waiting period between books, especially when the previous book ends in a cliffhanger. Room for More is the second book in the Beth Ehemann-penned series and picks up the day after what happens in the epilogue in Room for You. You'll have to read the first book before reading this one because they are connected and you'll have a better appreciation for what both Brody and Kacie had to go through to get to where their relationship was at in this series sequel.

Just like with the first book, I couldn't help but wish their were more real-life Brodys around. He was, by no means, perfect, but he was sweet, sensitive, and sincere, plus he Diesel, his adorable dog, and was excellent with both adults and kids. Oh, and did I mention he was hot? I mean, come on! This book gets your hopes up and makes you believe that there's a Brody out there for all single women. You are evil, Beth Ehemann. EVIL! The guy's capacity for love, trust, respect, and understanding was unbelievable and my heart broke for him in chapters twenty-one and twenty-two. I would have reacted in exact same way and it simply proved that he was human after all. I really wanted to smack Kacie because of her indecision.

The one character who caught my attention in this sequel had to be Zach, whose last name never appeared in any of the books, or if it did, I completely missed it (though I'm almost sure it was never mentioned). I had an image of what kind of person he was based on how he was described in the first book and there was a moment in the second book that I thought all my preconceived notions of him were spot-on, but he completely surprised me. There was a clearer picture as to who he was and what he was going through while he was in a relationship with Kacie and why he decided to leave her and Lucy and Piper. I quite like that he wasn't what I expected and I always give an author bonus points when I'm left pleasantly surprised.

When I read a series, I'm always a bit wary with sequels, especially when they're directly connected to a previous book. If I was thrilled with the predecessor, I want to be equally thrilled with its successor. I've experienced disappointment in the past, but thankfully, this book had me smiling my little heart out by the time I got to the end. Brody, Kacie, and the rest of the memorable characters left me wanting to give them all a group hug, especially Brody, his sister, and his parents. Beth Ehemann's writing is relaxed and relatable, just like the story and its characters, almost as if you're simply sitting back and listening to a couple of friends tell you their tale of trial-filled love. I loved Room for More and am giving it five stars. ♥

Date Read: 06 May 2015

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