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Release Blitz: Knox by S. Nelson

Knox (Knights Corruption MC - Laredo #3) by S. Nelson Release Date: December 29, 2023 About Knox I was happy being single. No relationship drama. No woman putting demands on my time. I had my family and my club. I didn’t need anyone else. But when a mysterious brunette walked into our clubhouse, something inside me shifted. She wasn’t like anyone I’d ever met. Everything I prided myself on, being unattached, emotionally unavailable, in it for nothing but sex… it all shattered. But with the cartel still threatening the Knights Corruption, I kept her at a distance, treating our relationship as nothing more than casual. When my plan backfired, she walked away. And I let her go without a fight. Distance meant safety. Or so I thought. When another attempt was orchestrated against our club, I was forced to make a different choice. There was only one issue, though. I had to convince her to give me another chance. Would my decision prove to be the right one? Or would it al

Cover Reveal: Crossroads by Devney Perry

Crossroads (Haven River Ranch #1) by Devney Perry Release Date: June 4, 2024 Montlake About Crossroads A sweeping small-town romance about love, loss, and a Montana legacy from USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry. I met West Haven when I was eight years old. He taught me to play poker when I was nine, and we made paper airplanes together when I was eleven. He kissed me when I was sixteen. He was the best part about my family’s summer vacations to Montana. He was the boy who stole my heart. I was twenty-three when life ripped us apart. Years later, I’m breaking my vow and returning to the ranch, not as a guest but its new owner. West might want me gone, but even he has to admit the only way to save his family’s legacy is with my help. It’s not easy working side by side and facing those old memories. But this situation is only temporary. We’re at a crossroads. And as long as I don’t let myself fall in love with West Haven again, maybe this is our chance to put thos

Release Blitz: The Playboy by Marni Mann

The Playboy (Spade Hotel #1) by Marni Mann Release Date: December 28. 2023 About The Playboy A sizzling, grumpy-sunshine, boy-obsessed, one-night-stand romance from USA Today best-selling author Marni Mann … Spade. People know what to expect when they hear my last name. Billionaire. Alphahole. The forever bachelor. Heir to Spade Hotels, one of the most luxurious brands in the world. Want to know what they would never call me? Boyfriend. Until her. With one glance at her in the club, I’m ready to claim her for the night. Dark, flowing hair. A smile that causes my heart to pound. Eyes that pierce my soul. And a perfect body that makes every part of me pulse. She’s addictive. Electrifying. Consuming. I’ve never wanted anyone more. Our eyes meet, but she looks right past me. She isn’t here for me. She’s here for the music. For the first time in my life, a woman makes me work for it. Her indifference fuels the fire inside me. The result? One night. No names.

Release Blitz: The Wild Within by Gwen Martin

The Wild Within (The Collective #1) by Gwen Martin Release Date: December 28, 2023 About The Wild Within “I know you’ve been living in survival mode, but maybe it’s time to accept that you deserve to be loved.” Duncan Maxwell’s days revolve around helping others, so when his best friend needs Duncan to drive his younger brother around, he doesn’t hesitate to say yes. A little less sleep is an easy price to pay to improve someone else’s life, and many of Chance’s appointments are at The Collective, where he volunteers. It also doesn’t hurt that Chance is charming, funny, and . . . attractive. Chance’s world spirals into a blur of adjusted medications and support groups and therapy appointments after his recent bipolar diagnosis. He can’t complain, though, because most people don’t have the support that his brother affords him. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, he focuses on not being a burden and searches for life beyond his diagnosis—maybe even a life with Duncan. But wh

Cover Reveal: Head Over Heels by Karla Sorensen

Head Over Heels (Wilder Family #2) by Karla Sorensen Release Date: January 24, 2024 Cover Design: Qamber Designs Photography: J. Ashley Converse Photography About Head Over Heels There’s only one course of action when your dad wants you to marry a clammy-handed wimp to make one of his board members happy—you get yourself stuck in an elevator with a hot stranger and have the steamiest make-out session of your life. Years of etiquette lessons went out the window thanks to Cameron Wilder, who managed to unleash my hidden bad girl with naught but his talented mouth and deliciously rough hands. Afterwards, he went back to his small-town life, and I marched home to inform my dad there would be no business-centric nuptials. As punishment, he shipped me off to Sisters, Oregon and demanded I turn a healthy profit on a not-so-healthy property. You see where I’m going with this—the buttoned-up city girl stuck in a small town hires a local builder to help her…and he’s the hot strang

Cover Reveal: The Bastard and the Heir by Eden Finley & Saxon James

The Bastard and the Heir by Eden Finley & Saxon James Release Date: January 18, 2024 Cover Design: Eden Finley Photography: Wander Aguiar Photography Models: Darrien & Ken About The Bastard and the Heir Darcy The death of my father not only rips out my heart but tears open my entire life. His funeral brings the appearance of his bastard son, the byproduct of my father’s apparent misadventures. Wren Porter is a prickly, untrusting beefcake in an ill-fitting suit, and he looks so much more the part of a Ritcherson than I do. Now it’s on me to teach him the family business while ignoring my attraction to the man the world thinks is my brother. All it would take is one misstep for him to find out the secret my father literally took to his grave. He’s not the bastard son. I am. Wren’s the true heir to the Ritcherson fortune, but I’ve fought my whole life for my place at the table. If anyone discovers the truth, I’ll lose everything. I used to think the wors