Review: Sable Peak by Devney Perry (The Edens #6)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

I have been itching for this sixth and final full-length novel in the Edens series ever since I finished Crimson River, and now that I'm done reading Sable Peak, all I want to do is dive right back in and re-read this series from the beginning. Vera Gallagher was a vital peripheral character in the former, and after years of trial, tribulation, and trauma, she gets to start her own journey towards a happily-ever-after. With whom? None other than the lone Eden sibling who has yet to have his story told--Mateo Eden. She's the girl who went missing along with her father after tragedy struck their family; he's the guy who had followed a different path compared to his siblings until his circumstances changed. In the two years that she's lived in Quincy, Montana alongside the Edens, twenty-three-year-old Vera's crush on twenty-eight-year-old Mateo remains very much unrequited. Will one drunken kiss lead to unbearable humiliation or could it be the turning point for these two people trying to find their footing in their small town and his close-knit family?

Talk about a bittersweet ending! The Edens has been such an addictive series, with each story about the titular family allowing me to become even more emotionally invested in what happens to them as a whole. Vera was someone I had been so curious about ever since she first appeared in the previous book, Crimson River. I think pairing her with someone like Mateo was interesting, especially because while it may have seemed as if they were opposites at the onset, the more the layers were peeled back, the clearer it was that they had more similarities than differences. Separately, Vera's and Mateo's respective histories intrigued me; together as a couple, I loved that their journey towards a happily-ever-after was unique and that they had to put the work in even though it was obvious through the chapters that they not only belonged together but that they so deserved that happy ending. I relished every single bit of Sable Peak, which is why I'm giving it five stars, and that bonus epilogue Devney Perry whipped up was heartwarming and perfect.


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Release Date: 07 December 2023

Date Read: 30 November 2023

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