Review Blitz: The Paris Roommates by Ava Miles

The Paris Roommates: Thea
(The Paris Roommates #1)
by Ava Miles
Date Released: October 9, 2023

About The Paris Roommates: Thea
Thea Rogers' life is nothing like her romantic, elegant pastries. It's more like a dull, dry rice cake.

Since spending that magical year in Paris in a work-study program at Nanine Laurent's restaurant ten years ago, she's been determined to create a delicious life for herself. But without that certain je ne sais quoi of the City of Lights and the support of her five Paris roommates, Thea's lost sight of her dream of opening her own boulangerie. Worst yet, she's lost sight of herself. Still, she puts on her sunshine persona, sticks another batch of croissants in the oven, and gets through each day—an overworked, underpaid baker living life through Netflix.

Then she gets the call that everyone dreads: her beloved Nanine has fallen ill.

Thea knows what she needs to do: go back to Paris. With the help of her roommates, they can get Nanine and her troubled restaurant back on their feet.

What she doesn't realize: her former roommates can see she needs help too. They might be the unlikeliest of friends, totally different from her and from each other, but they see her—more than her own flesh and blood. They always have her back, and while they assist their host mother with her restaurant, they cluster around plain Jane Thea to give her the makeover of her life. New clothes and hair are definitely on the menu, particularly after Thea meets "Mr. Pinstripes," Nanine's gorgeous lawyer.

Only real-life intrudes on her fairy tale when Thea's finally offered her dream: ownership of a bakery back in Small Town, USA. She would have to leave her found family and the man she's fallen in love with. Will she choose the security of what she knows? Or dare to dream even bigger than she has before?

Reinvention, rediscovery, and romance... Meet THE PARIS ROOMMATES:
The good-girl baker, Thea Rogers
The restless dreamer, Dean Harris
The driven fashion writer, Brooke Adams
The charismatic professor, Dr. Sawyer Jackson
The rebel chef, Madison Garcia
The disillusioned golden boy restaurateur, Kyle Taylor

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About Ava Miles

Millions of readers have discovered international bestselling author Ava Miles and her powerful fiction and non-fiction books about love, happiness, and transformation. Her novels have received praise and accolades from USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Women's World Magazine in addition to being chosen as Best Books of the Year and Top Editor's picks. Translated into multiple languages, Ava's strongest praise comes directly from her readers, who call her books and characters unforgettable.

Ava is a former chef, worked as a long-time conflict expert rebuilding warzones to foster peaceful and prosperous communities, and has helped people live their best life as a life coach, energy healer, and self-help expert. She is never happier than when she's formulating skin care and wellness products, gardening, or creating a new work of art. Hanging with her friends and loved ones is pretty great too.

After years of residing in the States, she decided to follow her dream of living in Europe. She recently finished a magical stint in Ireland where she was inspired to write her acclaimed Unexpected Prince Charming series. Now, she's splitting her time between Paris and Provence, learning to speak French, immersing herself in cooking à la Provençal, and planning more page-turning novels for readers to binge.

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