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Book Spotlight: Road to You by Jaclyn Quinn

Road to You (Beyond the Cove #5) by Jaclyn Quinn Date Released: September 8, 2020
About Road to You Parker Wilson has the life he’s always wanted: an apartment in Brighton Pier, amazing family and friends, and a job he loves. With the invitation to his childhood best friend’s engagement party, the safe haven he’s created around himself is soon flooded with memories of the past. The roadblock he’s taken years detouring soon becomes a reality he can no longer avoid. After six years, Parker will have to see Sarah’s brother again—the only man he’s ever truly loved.
After running away from the truth and moving to Boston, Jason Maxwell must finally face Parker again—and the guilt he’s felt for leaving Parker all those years ago. After confronting the man who changed everything Jason thought he knew about himself, Jason realizes the miles he’s put between them hasn’t diminished what Parker means to him. Now, with the undeniable way he feels about Parker, Jason is determined to finally make things …

Book Spotlight: The Ice in Our Hearts by BC Powell

The Ice in Our Hearts by BC Powell Date Released: August 20, 2020
About The Ice in Our Hearts Bryce is a snowboarding sensation, a cocky teenager from California with a giant chip on his shoulder called Type 1 diabetes. He competes because he has something to prove. Daria is a rising star in figure skating, a withdrawn teen from Russia with a tragic past. She competes to provide her family with a better life.
Primed to overthrow archrivals who dominate their sports, they’re both headed to the Winter Olympics. But soon after arriving at the Games, a flurry of ill-timed setbacks threatens to shatter their dreams.
When two teens from halfway around the world meet, they discover an unlikely but undeniable connection. As they gear up for their final shots at medals, they help each other realize the greatest barrier to the top of the podium might be hiding inside their minds.
Take a breathtaking ride with Bryce and Daria as they find true understanding, try to overcome the bitterness of their pasts…

Review: The Ice in Our Hearts by BC Powell

Note: A review copy was provided by the author via Xpresso Book Tours.
The Ice in Our Hearts is a young adult story with romantic elements, and it's set during the Winter Olympics in Beijing, China. BC Powell is a new-to-me author and while he's written fantasy novels in the past, this book is his first foray in the YA romance genre. This is the story of two teenagers--seventeen-year-old Bryce McAllister, a snowboarder from Mammoth Lakes, California, and sixteen-year-old Daria Ilyasova, a figure skater from Moscow, Russia. They're from two different cultures and while both have supportive parents, Bryce's home life is far more comfortable than Daria's. Neither one had ever heard of the other until the land on the same list of noteworthy teen Olympians, and several DMs later, Bryce and Daria agree to meet during the Games. But with the pressure to win gold, toxic rivalries, and health issues, will falling in love complicate everything even further or could it inspire…

Book Spotlight: Smash It! by Francina Simone

Smash It! (Smash It! #1) by Francina Simone Date Released: September 22, 2020 Inkyard Press
About Smash It! Olivia “Liv” James is done with letting her insecurities get the best of her. So she does what any self-respecting hot mess of a girl who wants to SMASH junior year does… After Liv shows up to a Halloween party in khaki shorts—why, God, why?—she decides to set aside her wack AF ways. She makes a list—a F*ck-It list.
1. Be bold—do the thing that scares me.
2. Learn to take a compliment.
3. Stand out instead of back.
She kicks it off by trying out for the school musical, saying yes to a date and making new friends. Life is great when you stop punking yourself! However, with change comes a lot of missteps, and being bold means following her heart. So what happens when Liv’s heart is interested in three different guys—and two of them are her best friends? What is she supposed to do when she gets dumped by a guy she’s not even dating? How does one Smash It! after the humiliation of being friend…

Book Spotlight: Ice Hearts by Monty Jay

Ice Hearts (Fury #2) by Monty Jay Date Released: September 24, 2020
About Ice Hearts Behind every heartless woman is a little girl who trusted the world with her love to have it chew her up and spit her out. No one knows that better than Aurelia Riggs.  Silver tongue matched with a golden appearance. She is the notorious ice queen.  To protect her heart she has a set of rules.  No sleeping over.  No second dates.  No falling in love.  Someone should have really warned Nico of them, but honestly, would he have listened? 
Nico ‘Southie’ Jett is the best forward in the league. Leading in points, shredding the ice, his control is unmatched. After an earth-shattering loss, and one slip up hits the press, his spot on the Fury is in danger.  Nico needs someone to fix his image and quick, who else better than Chicago’s most exceptional PR agent?  The only problem is she avoids him like the plague.  Nico is determined to get underneath her skin in all the right ways.  He has Aurelia Riggs all to himself. She can…

Double Cover Re-Reveal: Heartache Duet by Jay McLean

Heartache Duet Heartache and Hope (Heartache #1) Date Released: June 26, 2019 First and Forever (Heartache ##2)  Date Released: July 12, 2019 by Jay McLean Cover Design: Books and Moods

About the Heartache duet Ava Diaz needs saving. She just doesn’t know it yet. Just like she doesn’t know a thing about the boy she sits next to on the first day of senior year. He thinks she’s a brat. She thinks he’s entitled. Maybe first impressions don’t always last… Because Connor Ledger’s about to save her. He just doesn’t know why.

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