Review: Loverboy by Sarina Bowen (The Company #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Sarina Bowen takes readers back to her world of security specialists that make up The Company and this second novel in the series by the same name struck a much appreciated balance between romance and suspense plus mystery. A quick note: Loverboy is part of a series featuring a cast of characters belonging to The Company, but it can be read as a standalone, what with it having a different couple and story line. So, if you're new to either the author or series, feel free to dive right into this new novel.

Posy Paxton is in desperate need of a barista for her pie shop, but is she desperate enough to hire Gunnar Scott? The two of them have a bit of history consisting of a flirtatious rivalry for a coveted managerial job at a bar back when she was nineteen and he was twenty-one. Fifteen years later, she's shocked to have him in her shop applying to be a barista. His skills are lacking and she suspects he may actually be someone who--gasp!--does not drink a drop of coffee! But they're both desperate--she for a barista and he for a job...and maybe still desperate for each other. Will she be desperate to get rid of him once she learns he's actually one of the owners of a billion-dollar security firm and he's working in her pie shop to identify a dangerous serial killer known only as The Plumber?

This was every bit as entertaining and endearing as I expected it to be, and it would be pretty fair to say that I'm becoming rather addicted to this series. Okay, no I'm not "rather" addicted to it--I TOTALLY AM! I love how Sarina Bowen doesn't skimp on any of the aspects of her storytelling. There's romance, mystery, suspense, and action, and even some angst and wit to boot! The chemistry between Gunnar and Posy felt like it was either simmering or sizzling before they finally decided to act on their attraction and later on, all those complicated feelings and emotions. In short, the chemistry was always there, never faltering, and that's a must for a romance reader like me. I need to believe that the main characters deserve to get and be together, so I can cheer them on, and boy, did I cheer these two on like it was my job! Le sigh. In short, I adored this book and everything about it. Loverboy gets five stars, and I can't wait for more from The Company.


Moonlighter (book one) - five-plus stars - My Review

Loverboy (book two) - five stars - My Review (posted above)


Release Date: 01 December 2020

Date Read: 25 November 2020

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