Review: Broken by KC Enders (Salvation Society)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the publisher via Candi Kane PR.

"I'm supposed to be happy, swooning over you"--I laugh--"and I am; don't get me wrong. I'm all kinds of swooning. I just didn't expect it with a side of tears. I think I'm broken." 
"You're not the broken one, Chloe. You can't be. Not when all you've done is put my useless heart back together."

KC Enders may have been a new-to-me author going into this book, but after experiencing love at first read, this may very well be the beginning of beautiful friendship, and by "friendship" I mean me adding all her previous releases to my to-be-read list and familiarizing myself even more with her writing. Broken is Enders' contribution to the multi-authored Salvation Society collection of books, each of which is inspired by Corinne Michaels' Salvation book universe. So, if you're a fan of that beloved series like I am, having characters from there interacting with a new set of characters from these authors is a blast. That being said, if you've never read the Salvation books or even anything by Enders (like moi), then fear not, because this new book does stand alone rather well, although my curiosity's been piqued by a few characters, old and new.

This is one of those stories that stayed with me long after I was done reading it. Who doesn't love a good book hangover, right? And that's exactly what I got. KC Enders has left a lasting impression on me, and a good one at that. While her story was inspired by Corinne Michaels' Salvation books, it stands on its own merits. It tells the tale of thirty-four-year-old single mother Chloe Triplett, who moves from the home she shared with her late husband in New York to Virginia in order to get a fresh start while raising her eleven-year-old son, Jake, and be closer to her family. In the over five years since she lost Dallas, she's never be drawn to another man...until she meets thirty-two-year-old Miles Kent. The connection between them is too special--too extraordinary--to be denied, but will secrets and unresolved issues from their pasts leave them more broken than before?

Oh, how Chloe and Miles' story made my heart work double time! It beat steadily before thumping in excitement and then breaking when things become complicated. Naturally, it stitched itself up as it was cheering these two on towards their happily-ever-after. I was very much invested in these main characters, but their story was one that they shared with Chloe's preteen son, Jake. Ah, this boy stole my heart. I felt for him and empathized with all the changes happening in his young life. And that epilogue? GAH!!! Then there was Bronson. Having a four-legged scene-stealer never fails to get bonus points from me, especially one as irresistible as he was. Not only did I get to read a beautiful love story, but now, I'm eager to check out KC Enders' Beekman Hills series, and anxious for what awaits Jake. Squee! Color me impressed and consider me a fan. Five-plus stars for Broken!

Date Read: 10 December 2020

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