My name is Jen and I am a bookaholic.  I love to read them in my leisure time and I do edit them professionally.  I enjoy writing poetry and have tried my hand at writing short stories.  My dream is to become a published writer one day but for now, I'm filling up one of my notebooks with different story ideas.

As far as reading books is concerned, I'll read almost anything and, like any other book lover, there are books that I like, books that I love, and books that I wish I could care about more than I actually do.  From suggesting and recommending books to family and friends, I decided to try my hand at posting reviews via Goodreads and I've actually had fun in the process!

And now here we are.  I'm finally biting the bullet and creating a blog.  No, this isn't my first blog (I miss my LiveJournal account!) but it is the first that's book-related.  So, if you're just passing by and looking for book recommendations, be warned that I haven't really posted any reviews yet.  This is my very first post here but I will be posting reviews VERY soon.  ^.^

When I read books, I take several things into consideration: the plot, the characters, the storytelling, and grammar and all things connected to it.  So, if I sound as if I'm being too harsh when it comes to grammar, I can't help it.  It's the teacher and editor in me.  ^.^

'Til then, I hope you're enjoying the book you're reading and will visit again soon!


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