Review: My Favorite Kidnapper by Melanie Moreland

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

All is fair in baked goods and kidnapping. Oh, is that not how the saying goes? Well, in the case of Melanie Moreland's newest standalone, there's plenty of both. And no, this is so NOT a dark romance. I mean, how can you have a dark romance when there are sugary sweet confections and confessions that go on in My Favorite Kidnapper? The story starts off in Canada, but a good portion of it plays out in Italy, and it features a baker extraordinaire who's a bit of a spitfire and very much a busy bee but struggling to make ends meet and wealthy owner of several galleries in different countries who's got one heck of a sweet tooth and a hankering for a certain p√Ętissier leads to a drastic measures...

When thirty-eight-year-old Dante Frost gets a taste of one of the cupcakes for his niece's upcoming nuptials, he knows he can't stop at just one. Unfortunately, the baking genius behind said cupcakes--and the rest of the sweet deliciousness for the wedding--is none too pleased by Dante's sneakiness. Twenty-six-year-old Brianna Michaels has worked too long and too hard to have this "old man" mess things up. Of course, she has no clue that he's the bride's uncle, nor did she have any sort of inkling to what ends he was willing to go in order to have his Little Bee not only bake for him, but to spend time with her as well. Sixty days in Italy doing her favorite thing? Heck, yes. Kidnapped in the process? Oh, my...

I couldn't imagine any other author coming up with as delightful a story line that had to do with kidnapping than Melanie Moreland. I enjoyed everything to do with Brianna and Dante. From the moment they meet and Brianna makes it clear that she isn't as taken by Dante as he is by her, to all that close proximity goodness in his villa in Italy and how darn happy they were in that bubble of theirs. Naturally, there are elements that threaten to burst said bubble, but while happy endings aren't guaranteed in real life, they are in true romance novels, and Brianna and Dante's happily-ever-after was a hard fought one that made this romance reader sigh in satisfaction. Five stars for My Favorite Kidnapper.

Release Date: 07 September 2023

Date Read: 26 August 2023

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