Review: Making Rules by Susan Hawke (Davey's Rules #4.5)

I'm glad I had a chance to say all that anyway. We aren't promised how long our lives will be, baby boy. Each of us is born with an expiration date. I don't know if I'll live to be an old man or be gone too soon, but either way—I'm glad I got to share my thoughts with you. I love you, Sammy.

Oh, my heart. This. This was the book I had wished for from the moment Susan Hawke introduced readers to Raphael and Samuel Robustelli--husbands, father's, and owners of Daddy's Lap. Hawke even gives their story a unique touch, going with a collection off six vignettes that show the milestones of their life-changing relationship and it's all laid out in Making Rules, the sixth release in her addictive Davey's Rules series. Like the other books in the series, this can be read as a standalone, but I feel that it will be best appreciated when read after the other novels and books in the series.

I'm not going to give details about what happens because I think that Raph and Sammy's story works best when you just go read it. This is a quick read, but it's one that packs a punch. We get the important parts of their love story and even if there are "only" six vignettes, it didn't feel as if anything was missing. As a matter of fact, I had more admiration for how their relationship evolved. The eight-year age difference wasn't even a factor, and that highlighted how what they had went beyond the usual qualifications and expectations--just like Making Rules. Le sigh. Five-plus stars. 🖤 


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Date Read: 22 February 2020

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