Review: The Curious Mountain Man by Casey Cox (Movin' to the Mountains #2)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Neon Rainbow ARC Reviews.

The Curious Mountain Man is the second novella in Casey Cox's Movin' to the Mountains trilogy, and this time around, we've got the Branum Duncan, the middle Duncan brother who owns a timber yard, and PJ Henderson, one of Thickehead's newer residents. While out exploring, PJ was hoping to catch a glimpse of mountain bluebirds; instead, he gets an eyeful of Branum in all his naked glory floating on a lake. Figuring out who it was that made a quick escape while on his property, Branum tracks PJ to the local library, and the neurodivergent librarian piques the burly mountain man's curiosity even more. Maybe Branum finds him interesting, but there's no way someone like Branum would be interested-interested in a guy like PJ. Right?

This was super cute! PJ may not have seen himself as the kind of person Branum would be interested in romantically and sexually, and Branum had his own insecurities to deal with, but these two clicked in a way that made their story even more endearing. Like the book before it, this was a fairly lighthearted read, with maybe a smidgen of angst to it, but nothing heartrending nor dramatic. Well-paced, the story didn't feel rushed, and we have Harrick and Eddie (The Silent Mountain Man) making an appearance and that sneak peek of Marsh's book has me looking forward to his happily-ever-after. Four stars for The Curious Mountain Man.

Release Date: 13 December 2023

Date Read: 25 November 2023

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