Review: Crossing the Line by Kendall Ryan (Hot Jocks #4)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Okay, I'm making it official: Hot Jocks is my favorite series from bestselling author Kendall Ryan, which is funny in a way because my knowledge of hockey is based on a weird combination of Disney's The Might Ducks movies and the slew of hockey romances that I've read over the years. This particular series has been fun to read because of Ryan blending heat, heart, humor, AND hockey (alliteration addict in the house!) and coming up with four--so far!--awesome romances that are as entertaining as they are endearing. With as strong as this current cast of characters, and the fact that previous couples become recurring characters, I can't wait to read even more stories.

The fourth and latest Hot Jocks novel is another friends-to-lovers story but stands out from the others that came before it. This time around, we've got Asher Reed, starting center for the Seattle Ice Hawks, and Bailey Erickson, medical school graduate. With Asher on the sidelines due to a concussion AND a groin injury, he needs a nurse to accompany him to a family reunion because that's the only way the time will sign off on it. Bailey steps in and offers her help. Sure, she's an incoming doctor, not a nurse, but a week away in California before her residency starts sounds like a dream. The time they spend together shows Asher that he wants more than hook-ups with Bailey, but she's made it clear she isn't looking for more. But a line's been crossed and Asher refuses to turn back.

I love the consistency that the author has shown throughout this series. The pace of the story and the development of Asher and Bailey's relationship from good friends to lovers and then so much more than they may have expected was highly notable, and all I had to do was lean back and read to my heart's content. One of my favorite things about the book was how natural Asher and Bailey's relationship blossomed. Nothing was rushed, and I was able to get to know these two better and not only become emotionally invested in their romance, but also believe that was happening between them was taking its natural course. There isn't a whole lot of unnecessary drama either, and this was a nice change of pace from the usual guy-not-ready-for-commitment sort of story. I, however, am quite committed to Kendall Ryan's Hot Jocks. Five stars for Crossing the Line! I need more! ♥


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Release Date: 20 January 2020

Date Read: 19 January 2020

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