Review: Dirty Rich Betrayal by Lisa Renee Jones (Dirty Rich #4)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers stories are a special kind of second chance romance because there's more to it than merely two people who don't like each other seemingly poised to tip over to the other side of that very thin line between love and hate. It's also more than just a matter of former lovers falling in love again. In the case of erstwhile lovers Grayson Bennett and Mia Cavanaugh, they know very well who's got a firm hold on their respective hearts--each other--but there's a whole lot of history between them plus feelings of betrayal that fall in both the personal and professional aspects of their lives. When everything Gray has worked for is threatened, he turns to the one person he believes can help save his empire--Mia. Now she has to decide whether she's prepared to fight by his side and save him or if it's time to forever walk away from him and deal the death blow to any hope of ever being together again.

Lisa Renee Jones stays true to her Dirty Rich series with the release of the fourth novel in the collection, Dirty Rich Betrayal, and with it she once again gives readers a strong romance interspersed with mystery and suspense. I loved this story of two people who undeniably still love one another in spite of all the pain and hurt that years of separation has brought on them. Gray and Mia proved to be a formidable pair, whether it be inside or outside of the bedroom. There was a lot of give and take, and I'm just glad there wasn't all this whining and complaining about who did what to whom and then playing the blame game. These two acted like the mature adults they were supposed to be, but they were neither cold nor calculating once all the protective layers were peeled back. I loved how passionate they were about what they believed in and with each other. Dirty Rich Betrayal did NOT disappoint! This gets five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 28 September 2018

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