Review: The Randy Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn (The Romance Novelist #2)

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Rosie Bloom is back! She's no longer a virgin. Nope, she's bloomin' randy in this sequel to The Virgin Romance Novelist, aptly titled The Randy Romance Novelist. Meghan Quinn's no-holds-barred sense of humor is in full force, but we've got ourselves a bit of angst thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. After all, this is the story of what happens between Rosie and her best friend and love her life, Henry Anderson, and there are no guarantees that one stays "happily" during their "ever after". But through the ups and down, Rosie and Henry have themselves a unique support system in their best friends, Delaney and Derk, as well as Henry's bro-tastic and bro-thersome co-worker, Freddy (who I actually quite adored).

Still focused on her dream of becoming a published romance novelist, Rosie is doing quite a bit of hands-on research, with the help of her boyfriend Henry. They're happy and in love and nothing stands in their way. Right? Well, real life requires them to live beyond their bedroom and the seemingly non-stop number of sexcapades they seem to engage in. With their besties getting married in a couple of months, Rosie finds herself tasked to put together Delaney's dream bachelorette party. Henry's got his own concerns at work, what with a promotion that he knows he's more than qualified for but he's got to contend with his ex in the process. Oh, and did I mention Sir Licks-a-Lot, Rosie and Henry's new roomie?

As expected, I laughed my silly with this sequel. I liked seeing where Rosie and Henry were now at in their relationship--this being about two or so months after the end of the first book. This story is told from both of their points of view and it was interesting to see that Henry, optimist that he may seem to be most of the time, had his own fair share of anxieties when it came to his relationship with Rosie. The man is human after all! Now, I'm not saying that he's always been this perfect guy. After all, he had his missteps in book one and he has them again here. It's just that nothing much bothers him, or so it seemed, so thank you, Meghan Quinn for choosing to give us dual POVs. It made for a far more dynamic and engaging read.

I love Rosie and Henry, but goodness, the supporting characters in this book nearly stole the limelight from them and not just on one occasion either! Delaney and Derk tell it like it is--with Delaney being more in your face with her technique and Derk a tad more tactful. Then there was Freddy, who was like that friend who didn't know he was being a bit too much but then you end up missing when he isn't around. Henry pointing something out to him as a joke but it turning out to be true by the end was a hoot. And how could I forget Sir Licks-a-Lot? That cat officially gets my vote for most memorable fictional feline this year. From the cast to a rib-tickling yet touching story, The Randy Romance Novelist earns itself 4.5 stars. ♥


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Date Read: 17 April 2016

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