Review: Inferno Glory MC by J.A. Fredericks

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Inferno Glory MC is a contemporary romance novel from author J.A. Fredericks and was originally released as a five-part serial last year. All five parts have been compiled and re-released under the title of Inferno Glory MC. Now, I'm not a really huge fan of serials--and we can all thank my lack of patience for that--so I like it when authors decide to simply put everything together and release the completed novel for readers similar to me. This story was about Harley Sonnick, a twenty-four-year-old young woman who grew up in the world of the motorcycle club her father Jawa presided over, the Inferno Glory. After being set up and imprisoned for three years, she wants nothing more than to return to the only family she's ever known. It isn't going to be as easy it seems though, not when it looks like someone wants to get rid of her.

Harley knows all about MC culture. She's lived it all her life and respects it. From the brothers to their old ladies, the Inferno Glory MC is her family, especially after the death of her beloved father and the president of the club. After spending three years in prison, she makes the clubhouse her first stop, but she doesn't exactly get the reception from the new president--her father's best friend--that she was hoping for. She does, however, earn a sympathetic offer to stay at his place from Colt Sawyer, a former Navy SEAL and a member who joined while she was incarcerated. Their attraction to one another is palpable, and there's the added benefit of his best friend and fellow Inferno Glory brother, former Marine Ranger Lewis, providing Colt lots of assistance in showing her everything she's missed out on while she was gone. 

There's a heck of a lot of sex that goes on in the book, and while it does get distracting at times, there is an actual and quite interesting story that takes place. Colt is keeping secrets and those secrets could end up costing them their lives. Add to that Harley's distrust when it comes to one particular person, someone who's appearance in the club raises red flags, not just for her, but for Colt as well. With all the club-related issues, Harley also has to maneuver her way through her feelings for Colt and what the threesome hook-ups they share with Ranger could mean. It's a book that makes for an interesting read, even if Harley was irritating at times, what with the mood swings and posturing as a tough biker chick who doesn't need a man (yeah right). I'd love to read Jawa's Angels MC once it's complete. Four stars for Inferno Glory MC. ♥

Date Read: 16 April 2016

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