Review: Find My Way Home by Michele Summers (Harmony Homecomings #1)

Bertie Anderson is a talented interior designer and she's ready to make use of that talent outside of her hometown of Harmony, North Carolina. With a new job waiting for her in Atlanta, Georgia, Bertie just needs to finish the house she's working on before heading out. When she meets retired tennis player Keith Morgan and learns that he's not only bought the house she's always dreamed of making over but actually wants to hire her, Bertie finds herself tempted by both the job offer and the man making it. But as much as the connection between them is off the charts, Keith would rather be with someone safe than someone who drives him to distraction. Will they realize they've found home with each other before it's too late?

Find My Way Home is the first novel in the Harmony Homecomings series from author Michele Summers, a series which is set in the small town of Harmony, North Carolina. Bertha Mavis "Bertie" Anderson was born and bred in Harmony and even has her own interior design business but dreams of sharing those talents with a big firm in the city of Atlanta. Keith Camden Morgan is a widower and former top ten tennis player who left the partying lifestyle his name was synonymous with in order to provide a more stable life for himself and his ten-year-old daughter with a fair amount of pressure from his aunt.

There's an instant attraction between Bertie and Keith but they're both avoiding any kind of romantic entanglement. Fortunately for them, Keith's Aunt Francesca, Aunt Franny to Bertie, has other plans, ones that include seeing her nephew and the woman she always thought of as her daughter to find happiness, hopefully, with each other. Keith's days of being married are enough of a reminder that he doesn't need another woman who brings about a level of passion that could only signal trouble later on, making him very resistant to Bertie, who ends up falling in love with both Keith and his precocious daughter Maddie.

With all the push and pull between Keith and Bertie, there was a lot of sexual tension in the story, which did get a tad frustrating after a while, especially since Keith's reasoning seemed a bit nonsensical. He isn't a moron but his logic that Bertie reminded him of his late wife made no sense, especially since you would think that silly perception of his would change once he got to know her. Then there was the whole thing with him still dating Gail, a barista from Starbucks even while he was flirting and making out with Bertie. Keith was looking for the "safe" option for Maddie's sake but disregarded her obvious dislike for Gail.

I wasn't as enamored with Keith and Bertie as I would have liked, though they were more endearing toward the end of the story, but I did like the supporting characters. Liza Palmer turned to be one of the most interesting because I started off not liking her and then, as the truth about her past actions was revealed, I couldn't help but change my mind about her, especially since she had a heck of a lot more sense than Keith and Bertie did about their whole non-relationship. Overall, Find My Way Home had its moments and it was pretty good for a small town contemporary romance novel. This gets 3.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 03 July 2015

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