Review: Arrogant by Jenika Snow (A Real Man #6)

Note: This ARC was provided by Ardent PRose in exchange for an honest review.

Arrogant is novella number six in the A Real Man series by Jenika Snow and it's an office romance between Noah Wright, CEO of Wright Enterprises, and Harley Alexander, Noah's new intern. From the moment she steps into his office to begin her internship, Noah can't deny the very visceral reaction he's having to the beautiful young woman before him. There may be a no fraternization policy in place, but Harley tempts Noah into seriously considering breaking his company's very own rules. As the weeks pass, it becomes clear that this isn't just a physical thing for Noah. He wants to lay his claim on Harley, and while he isn't absolutely sure how Harley may feel about him, Noah's at the point where he's ready to convince her that they're meant to be together...and not just temporarily.

I don't think this was an insta-love kind of story. Insta-lust? Yes, indeed, but both Noah and Harley did spend an extended period of time together, which surprised me because books as short as this one tend to have everything on hyper speed and you have main characters falling in love within the first chapter. In the case of Jenika Snow's latest A Real Man story, Noah and Harley did create a foundation of sorts, albeit more of a professional one than anything else, and maybe that was the one thing that I would have wanted more of--flirtation, romance, etc. But if I look at this as more of a story between two people who had a sexual connection that transformed into maybe something more later on, than yeah, Arrogant did indeed satisfy the reader in me and it gets four out of five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 04 November 2016

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