Review: Fractures in Ink by Helena Hunting (Clipped Wings #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

"I like that I can feel your heart," Sarah whispered, her sleep-fuzzed mind drifting again. 
She wasn't really present in the moment. I knew that. So I sad the thing I wanted to, but couldn't when she was truly listening. 
"It's all yours, baby. All you have to do is want it enough to take it."

After all the bits and pieces we've gotten about their relationship, fans of the Clipped Wings series finally get their wish with the release of Fractures in Ink, the third full-length novel and the story of twenty-eight-year-old tattoo artist and one-third owner of Inked Armor Chris Zelter and twenty-five-year-old MBA student and waitress at The Sanctuary Sarah Adamson. Just like Hayden Stryker and Tenley Page before them, Chris and Sarah haven't had the easiest of lives, both knowing what poverty and lack of parental support and guidance is like. Chris struggles to save his younger sister from the kind of home life that could leave her wallowing in hopelessness and drowning in debt for the rest of her years. On the other hand, Sarah desperately tries to balance everything on the multiple plates threatening to fall and break--her studies, her internship, her job, and Chris. Something's got to give, and if Chris's hunch is right, it's bound to be the least promising option--him. With secrets and doubts, Sarah and Chris will have to recognize their own worth before all their issues consume them and fracture their uncertain love story.

Gah! Chris and Sarah are giving Hayden and Tenley a run for their money. While there were no unsolved murders or a devastating plane crash in this story, Chris and Sarah are full of complexities, and these two struggle to put their best foot forward and to them, that means not sharing parts of their past and present, especially the parts that they believe will have the other seeing them in the worst light possible. I loved Chris and how protective and caring he was when it came to not just Sarah but also to his sister Ivy. My heart broke when it came to how his mother treated him and yet, he still came out of that crappy situation a stronger person. It's difficult to learn Sarah's story and not admire her desire for something better, to be more independent and successful. No, these two may not have been as broken as Hayden and Tenley, but the cracks and nicks they've experienced and endured have them hesitating in claiming their own share of happiness and in recognizing that in each other they've found everything they may need. I hope Fractures in Ink isn't the last we've seen of the Inked Armor Crew. Five-plus stars! ♥


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Date Read: 22 November 2016

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