Review: Experienced by Jenika Snow (A Real Man #4)

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Experienced is the fourth novella in the A Real Man series from author Jenika Snow and it's a May-December story about fifty-year-old Russian businessman Hugo Romanov and twenty-one-year-old recent college graduate Sabine (who never got a last thinks the concentration was all on the age difference so maybe she didn't merit a last name?). Hugo was a close family friend and had seen Sabine grow up, having taught her to speak Russian for two years before he left for his mother country yet again. Four years later, Hugo is set to return in celebration of Sabine's college graduation. Those four years were spent fantasizing about the girl nearly three decades younger than him, but Hugo is past caring. He's ready to go after what he wants and when he learns Sabine wants him just as much, nothing can stand in his way.

This had such potential to be an intriguing story. The age difference is pretty vast and when Sabine said that Hugo was double her age, she must have gotten her math wrong because he's double plus an extra half. I so wanted there to be more character development because while it's clear that these two have had the hots for each other for years, I wanted to know what it is about the other that draws them in. Sabine mentions that Hugo is good looking and a kind man, but that's kinda shallow to spend four years comparing him to every other guy around. In Hugo's case, he doesn't really expound why he's so into Sabine. Then there's the skimming over Sabine's parents' reaction to their sudden relationship. Maybe more delving into the story and Hugo and Sabine would have helped. I'm giving Experienced three stars. ♥


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Date Read: 05 October 2016

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