Review: Say You Want Me by Corinne Michaels (Return to Me #2)

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Everything inside me clenches. My breathing becomes slightly faster as his lips inch closer. “Me?” Wyatt nods. “Are you hooked on my line?”
“Yes,” he confirms. “You’re out here on my boat, on my land, and in my life, makin’ me see things for the first time. I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve never wanted to be something so much, and yet hope it eludes me a little more.”
My hand touches his cheek. “You want me to keep fighting this?”
His eyes close as he rubs his face in my palm. “I love watching your walls crumble. I love watching your reasons diminish. I’m really going to enjoy it when you finally realize just how much you want me.” His voice drops, and he looks at me again, serious this time. “Because make no mistake—you’ll want me. I’m makin’ damn sure of it.”

Say You Want Me is the second novel in the Return to Me series written by bestselling author Corinne Michaels, and it finally turns the spotlight on the Hennington brother that caught my attention and my heart in the first book--Wyatt. He was the one who had always been in love with his dearest friend Presley Townsend, but knowing that her heart belonged to his older brother Zachary first, last, and always, Wyatt refused to stand in their way. He hasn't exactly been wanting in terms of having a woman whenever he wants, but no one's captured his heart or his attention. And then he meets the sister of Presley's late husband, Angelina Benson, and she's quickly distanced herself from all the other women Wyatt has been with in the past. She's also the only woman he's ever taken to his bed and been with more than once. But things ended on a less than happy note the last time they were together. Now, Angie makes a surprise return to Wyatt's hometown of Bell Buckle, and she's got a bit of news to share with him. Now, Wyatt has only three months to convince city slicker Angie to want to stay--in Bell Buckle...and with him.

Gah! I loved Zach Hennington, but there was always something about Wyatt that called to me. Maybe it was because he had been in love with his brother's girl for so long and that he would have been more than willing to give her everything he could, whether or not she loved him that way in return. He was such a great guy, and I wanted him desperately to have his happily-ever-after. Being the youngest Hennington brother didn't make him spoiled, and he obviously knew his appeal when it came to women, but he was always respectful when it came to women in general, he loved his family beyond measure, and when he wanted something--or someone--he went all in. What he and Angie had to face was certainly life-changing, but it was so different from anything that shared certain strains to the story before. There wasn't any of that unrequited love going on when Angie returned to Bell Buckle, and while these two did have sex before, they barely knew each other. I loved the whole evolution of their relationship and how Angie opened herself to those new possibilities that their unexpected surprise presented her.

Just like its predecessor, this sequel has that perfect balance of lighthearted moments--with that combination of snark and sass--and heavier, more heartrending ones--the kind that are guaranteed to painfully squeeze your heart and make it difficult to breathe. Corinne Michaels has the ability to run her characters--and her readers--through a gamut of emotions and she doesn't do it just to get a reaction but simply because it's all part and parcel of the story she presents each and every time she gives us something new to read. Angie and Wyatt may have seemed like they had nothing much in common, but they actually had more than a few they shared between them. They both entered their three-month arrangement with open hearts and minds, but that didn't mean that everything was going to go peachy for them. These two were tried and tested, and you cheer them on, even as you wipe your own tears, because at the end of it all, you know that what's waiting is far more worthwhile. This series has gotten even better, and Trent Hennington's story will have high expectations to meet. Five-plus stars for Say You Want Me. ♥


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Release Date: 31 October 2016 30 October 2016 (released early!)

Date Read: 30 October 2016

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